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Lunar Fang Docks
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Cyrodiil (Disputed)
Discovery Leveled XP
Completion None
Skyshards 1
Lunar Fang Pillagers
Northern Niben ValleyCyrodiil
Northeast of Castle Bloodmayne
Lunar Fang Docks

Lunar Fang Docks is a small harbor in southeastern Cyrodiil, northeast of Castle Bloodmayne. A Skyshard can be found here. This location is the only crossing of the Niben River between Aldmeri Territory and Ebonheart Territory that cannot be destroyed.


  • What's left of Lunar Fang Docks, a small harbor, appears as an unmarked location in Oblivion.
  • The goat path across the river was added in Update 20, along with Dibella's Pass in Daggerfall Territory and the Silver Tooth Pass in Ebonheart Territory, as an alternative route from the newly destructible bridges and milegates.


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