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Lost Fleet Admiral
Location The Lost Fleet
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Health 41957
Reaction Varies
Crown of Bones
Lost Fleet Admiral

The Lost Fleet Admiral is a skeleton who ruthlessly rules the Lost Fleet from his Coral Tower in Coldharbour. He controls the skeletons of his with the Crown of Bones and lures more unlucky souls to join his crew through cursed treasure. His current goal is to reach the portal above by building his tower high enough.

When he was alive, he was the captain of the Golden Era who sailed against the Sload as part of the All-Flags Navy. When his and many other ships were dragged into a magical whirlpool into Coldharbour, he made a deal with Molag Bal, transforming him into the Admiral of the Lost Fleet.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Graveyard of Ships[edit]

The Admiral watches Jalan's transformation.

He will first appear in a spectral form when First Mate Jalan starts going through the treasure he found in the Winsome Lass.

First Mate Jalan: "I was starting to hope you weren't coming in. Look at all this treasure!"
<A dark red glow will appear around him.
First Mate Jalan: "Wait, what's happening? I feel … strange."
First Mate Jalan: "My skin! My fur! What, what—aargh!"
Lost Fleet Admiral: "Fools can't resist cursed treasure! Now you are mine to control. Kill the intruder!"

Once the transformed Jalan is dead, he will disappear.

Between Blood and Bone[edit]

After the Argonian Skeleton on gives you so information to find and stop the Admiral, he will appear and force to him to try and kill you and Captain One-Eye. The end result will amuse him nonetheless.

Lost Fleet Admiral: "You want to help them, Tsona-Ei? Fool! You can't defy the Crown of Bones. Kill them!"
Argonian Skeleton: "No! I can't! Not my own blood!"
<The skeleton will try to resist then Captain One-Eye strikes him down.>
Lost Fleet Admiral: "Ha ha ha. Most entertaining."

When you have the key to the Coral Tower and have entered the tunnel leading up to it, the Admiral will appear and try to stop you.

Lost Fleet Admiral: "Don't think I don't know what you're up to! Now, die!"

After you kill the skeletons he sends at you, he will be waiting for you.

Lost Fleet Admiral: "You persist in your folly. Well, then, come in and be killed."

Spells and Abilities[edit]

When you find him in his tower, he will be flanked by a Skeletal Brute and Soldier. The Admiral will use a mixture a melee and magical abilities.[verification needed — see talk page]

Bone Shield
Will cast shield around himself as he loses health.
Summon Undead
Magic Attack
Basic magical attack, green light in the shape of a flying animal.[verification needed — needs name]