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Argonian Skeleton
Location The Bonnie Spriggan in the Lost Fleet
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Argonian Skeleton

Argonian Skeleton is a Skeleton who will approach Captain One-Eye in the The Bonnie Spriggan with an offer to help her deal with the cursed Lost Fleet and its' Admiral.

In life, his name was Tsona-Ei from Alten Corimont and he was the first mate of the Golden Era. The ship was part of the All Flags Navy which got dragged into a whirlpool as a final revenge by the Sload. After arriving in Coldharbour, his captain then made a deal with Molag Bal, cursing them all.

Related Quests[edit]


After telling Captain One-Eye what befell her First Mate. The skeleton will suddenly enter the ship.

Argonian Skeleton: "You have come to a very bad place."
Captain One-Eye: "Have you come to kill us, Lizard Bones!"
Argonian Skeleton: "No, I come to save you. Listen to me, child."

You can then talk to him to see what he wants.

"Why are you here? Why have you come searching for this damned fleet of the lost?"
Captain One-Eye sought treasure, but now she seeks revenge.
"Treasure? You won't find that here. But revenge?
—Aye, revenge might just be possible."
Explain yourself.
"Find the Admiral and destroy him.
He's using the ruins of the fleet to build his Coral Tower. He wants to reach the portal in the sky. We're his slaves, working endlessly to make his mad desires come true."
Why don't you refuse to work?
"There are many who wish we could rebel, but the Admiral holds the Crown of Bones. Molag Bal himself gave him that terrible relic.
With it, the Admiral controls the cursed skeletons of the fleet. But you aren't cursed yet."
Where will we find the Admiral?
"I hid the final chapter of my journal in the hold of my ship, the Golden Era. It's docked at the skeleton village.
My journal holds the key to reaching the Admiral's sanctuary."

After he tells you this, the spectral form of the Lost Fleet Admiral will appear.

Lost Fleet Admiral: "You want to help them, Tsona-Ei? Fool! You can't defy the Crown of Bones. Kill them!"
Argonian Skeleton: "No! I can't! Not my own blood!"
<The skeleton will try to resist then Captain One-Eye strikes him down.>
Lost Fleet Admiral: "Ha ha ha. Most entertaining."


  • Sections of his journal can be found scattered around the Lost Fleet, which explain how Lost Fleet came to be.