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Location Karnwasten
Species Sea Sload
Health 271,124 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Abyssal Cabal

K'Garza is a Sea Sload found in Karnwasten, where she serves as the dungeon's group event. She is located in the southeasternmost chamber of the dungeon.

She has taken Grog captive and raised many of the Night Runner pirates as mind-controlled undead.

Related Quests[edit]

Skill and Abilities[edit]

Mind Blast
K'Garza channels a beam from the top of her head and shoots it down at you, dealing high Oblivion damage and staggering you. This attack can be blocked but the time window to do so is very short.
Summon Globules
At the start of combat, and every time she reappears after her minions are defeated, she summons a large amount of Alchemical Globules throughout the arena, which are half-sunken into the ground. Stepping over them causes an AoE to appear around them as they release shadowy magic, dealing continuous high Oblivion damage.
Additionally, they will remain active while K'Garza is away from the fight and her minions take over. Any of the globules that aren't destroyed once all the minions are put down and K'Garza comes back will shoot a bolt of pearlescent magic which homes in on you, dealing moderate magical damage. If a lot of the globules are left alive, this can prove extremely dangerous, unless all the bolts are somehow blocked or dodged at the right time.
At 100%/75%/50%/25% health, K'Garza slithers underground and becomes invulnerable to damage. At this point, the four dead pirates laying in the arena are reanimated by K'Garza. These consist of Holdala Reni, Maelrisse, Sakjhera and Yargonk.


At the start of combat:

K'Garza: "More intruders? Excellent. You'll be nice additions to my soldiers."

Any of the following when summoning her sload-risen minions:

K'Garza: "Gather, my servants! Crush all who oppose me!"
K'Garza: "I've had enough of this. See how you fare against my undead servants!"
K'Garza: "Come forth, my servants! Show them the power I have bestowed upon you!"

Upon defeat:

K'Garza: "Ha …. You fools. I will return …."


There is one achievement associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Karnwasten Group Event.png Karnwasten Group Event 50 Defeat the Sea Sload K'Garza in Karnwasten.


  • According to datamined info, she was originally named "N'Garza", which was later changed. The old variant of the name is still alluded to in the book Ertival's Recounting.
  • Her risen minions don't give experience or loot when killed, even on their final death.
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