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Location Xi-Tsei
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 39959
15000 (after the quest)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Idol Threats

Jela is an Argonian who can be found outside of Xi-Tsei.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Idol Threats[edit]

As you approach her, you may hear her call to you, "Stranger, I am in need of your help."

Speak with Jela to see how you can help her:

"I erect the spine of fear, formidable stranger. I need your help.
The Sul-Xan captured me and my friends in order to use us for a cruel ritual. I managed to escape, but my friends remain inside. I intend to go back and rescue them."
Do you know anything about the ritual that's endangering your friends?
"I overheard as I attempted to escape … the Sul-Xan possess a relic, the Idol of Xulunaht. They will use it to consume the spirits of my friends so that they may summon a spirit of destruction.
I am no limp-finned hatchling, but I cannot stop this alone."
What do you need me to do?
"I need you to come with me into this xanmeer and free my friends in order to interrupt the Sul-Xan's rituals. Then, we must destroy the Idol of Xulunaht to prevent this atrocity from befalling another clan.
I will pay you handsomely for your aid."

If you speak to her again, she says:

"As mud is my mother, I know that with your help, we can save my friends from this horrible fate.
Let us head quickly inside. Keep your teeth sharp."

Once inside, she will look around and say:

Jela: "We must free my friends to disrupt the rituals! Let us make haste!"

Speaking with her, you can ask some questions about the Sul-Xan, Xi-Tsei and the Idol of Xulunaht:

"This is a place where even the stones tremble in terror. We must get all of my friends away from here.
Let us keep going, beek-ojel."
Can you tell me more about the Sul-Xan?/Tell me more about the Sul-Xan.
"The Sul-Xan are Naga who worship only chaos, nothing more. They fuel their madness with horrible rituals and sacrifices, hoping it will bring an end to the world. They are violent, callous, and insane … but I fear their true threat is all too real."
"They are like my people, but harsher … crueler. Naga bear many similarities to the Saxhleel, but they are often taller, and their faces wider. They are drawn to war and violence. Both come easily to them.
Which is why this threat is so dire."
What are they trying to do?
"Their rituals have the potential to summon an ancient spirit of destruction. If they cannot use my friends to do it, they will find someone else.
I believe destroying the idol will stop them, but I must first ensure my friends are safe."
Do you know anything about this place?
"I'm afraid not, beek-ojel. All I know is that Xi-Tsei is one of the Sul-Xan's favored shrines. Many of the Saxhleel have lost their lives there due to the Sul-Xan's terrible rituals, their blood wets the stones. I hope my friends will not join them."
Beek-ojel? Saxhleel? What do those words mean?
If you are an Argonian:
If you're not an Argonian:
"Oh, I am surprised you do not know. You must come from the city. In our language, beek-ojel is something akin to … friendly outsider. Not quite a stranger.
Saxhleel essentially is the same as Argonian, though the latter is an Imperial term."
"Ah, forgive me. These things come easily to the tongue. In my language, beek-ojel is something akin to … friendly outsider. Someone who is not quite a stranger.
Saxhleel essentially is the same as Argonian, though the latter is the Imperial term."
What is the Idol of Xulunaht?
"I do not know. I only heard of it in passing as I escaped.
I imagine something like that comes from a time when my people worshiped stone and had little reverence for the Hist. All I know is the Sul-Xan can use it to trap the spirits of the dead."

One of the ritual sites can be found outside:

Kuran: "Jela? Is that you?"
<You destroy the shrine and Kuran is freed.>
Kuran: "Thank you, friend."
Jela: "Get to safety, Kuran. We will find the others."

The other two ritual sites can be found within the xanmeer, one the north and one to the south:

Northern ritual site:

Last-to-Eat: "Help me, please!"
<You destroy the shrine and Last-to-Eat is freed.>
Last-to-Eat: "Many thanks. Be careful, Jela."
Jela: "Don't worry, raj-beeko. We will."

Southern ritual site:

Hands-like-Fish: "The pain! Agh!"
<You destroy the shrine and Hands-like-Fish is freed.>
Hands-like-Fish: "I erect the spine of gratitude to you."
Jela: "Good. The Sul-Xan will not have her."

Once you have rescued all three of her friends, Jela will want to talk to you:

Jela: "That is the last one. Let's speak, beek-ojel."

As she mentioned when you first spoke with her, Jela wants to prevent this from happening to other people:

"My egg-brothers and sisters are safe, thanks to you. There is one task left before us, if I have not yet reached the limits of your assistance.
We need to destroy the Idol of Xulunaht to ensure the Sul-Xan do not summon the spirit of destruction."
How do we do that?
"We must find where the Sul-Xan are keeping it first. It will likely be somewhere of great importance to them, and heavily guarded.
I just pray we are not too late. There has been so much death here already."
How does the Idol of Xulunaht work?
"From what we have seen thus far, it seems as though these terrible rituals tear the souls from the victim. I believe the Sul-Xan found a way to transfer the stolen spirits into the idol in order to power it. It is dark magic, certainly."
Will destroying the idol prevent the Sul-Xan from doing this again?
"That, I cannot know. I hope so. If it doesn't stop them completely, it will at least slow their schemes. Destroying the Idol of Xulunaht should at least protect others from being trapped here. That is enough for me.
Let's go."

Speaking to her afterwards:

"If we destroy the Idol of Xulunaht, no matter how much death they have wrought, the Sul-Xan will not be able to summon their dark spirit.
We must find it and keep it from hurting anyone ever again."

Head through the northern door, and you will find yourself on top of the xanmeer. The stairs lead down to a platform where the idol can be found, draining two unfortunate Argonians.

Jela: "The idol! It is already absorbing spirits!"

Speaking with her before destroying the idol:

"There, the Idol of Xulunaht! We must destroy it, hurry!"

Once the Idol of Xulunaht is destroyed, Jela will head towards the entrance:

Jela: "The idol is no more. Let us leave this place."

You can meet her outside, a small distance away from Xi-Tsei where she waits with her friends:

"Spawn-worthy feelings to you, brave warrior. Not only did you rescue my tribe, but you became a storm that tore free the evil roots of the Sul-Xan here.
With this, you have saved many more innocents."
Will you and your friends be safe now?
"Yes, thanks to you. The Sul-Xan in this place will flounder without their idol and my friends are now safely out of their reach. You saved us, and likely many more, with your actions.
Take this, beek-ojel, with our thanks."

After completing the quest, you can ask Jela some questions before they leave:

"What you have done for us, and others like us, will not be forgotten.
We will rest here until the others regain their strength. Be welcome and wallow with us, if you wish."
What will you do now?
"An excellent question. The grass bends to the wind, but we are not so yielding. We will take time to recover, but you helped ensure that we do not need to flee this place.
If the Sul-Xan try to hunt us again in the future, we will be ready."
What do you think will happen to the Sul-Xan?
"On the whole? I cannot say. The group that inhabited Xi-Tsei, however, will fade into the shadows to rekindle the power you ripped from their claws.
Their cruelty might not be at an end, but it is at least interrupted."
What if they target you again once they regain strength?
"Then we will be ready for them, beek-ojel. We were caught unawares this time, like a swarm of gnats that does not sense the frog's sticky tongue.
Next time, we will not let ourselves become prey. Your generosity will not be wasted."

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

Jela will attend the celebrations in Gideon if you previously helped her and her friends:

"It is good to see you again. And to learn that your heroism did not end with my friends and I.
I must thank you again for what you did for us. Destroying the Idol of Xulunaht continues to have a lasting impact."
How are your friends? Have they recovered?
"They are well. Thank you for asking.
It will take time for all of us to recover from the horrible things we witnessed, but you gave us that chance. We will never forget that."