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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help Riften recover from the giant attack.
Zone: The Rift
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Riften — Help Riften recover from Sinmur's attack.
Quest Giver: Corporal Bredrek, Captain Viveka
Location(s): Riften
Previous Quest: A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks
Next Quest: Pulled Under
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience XP
ID: 3927
Put out fires in Riften
The city of Riften has been devastated by Sinmur's assault. The town guard is overwhelmed trying to help all the refugees. They're asking everyone to help with the recovery effort.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Rescue citizens, put out fires and burn corpses.
  2. Talk to Captain Viveka.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you approach Riften, a tired Corporal Bredrek will walk over to you.

"You're the hero of Faldar's Tooth, right?"
What's wrong?
"Riften...giant...attacked! Pact army in pursuit ... many wounded. Captain Viveka leading recovery effort. North of town. We need help."
What needs to be done?
"Oh, there we go. North side of town was hit hard. There are people trapped under rubble, fires everywhere. Then there's the corpses. There's no time to bury them. Healers want them burned before disease starts spreading."
I understand. I'll see it done.

You need to rescue three citizens from rubble, put out four fires, and burn four corpses. These are in the north part of the town, where only the burning foundations and crumbling walls of the houses remain. Not all piles of loose rubble have citizens under them, but you are helping the town as a dog or cat may run out.To put out fires, you need to collect a bucket from the well outside the city. There are sabre cats by it, so defeat them before you try to grab a bucket (saving yourself an opening swipe). Use the bucket on the fires in the fields. After you've extinguished the fires and saved the citizens, it is easier to see the corpses you need to burn. They are a little further north of the fields where you put out the fires.

Now that you've helped out, you need to talk to the guard captain. She is standing alongside the canal.

"Well. Glad to see someone who can get things done. Good work."
What will happen to the refugees now?
"We'll find shelter for those who lost their homes. Maybe the Temple of Mara can put them up. You've done a good turn for the people here. Thanks."


  • The well to fill buckets is incorrectly marked on the map. ?
    • Go to the well near to where the fires are burning on the edge of the marked circle.
    • There is more than one well. Use the one nearest to the buildings.

Quest Stages[edit]

In His Wake
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must dig citizens out from under the rubble of collapsed structures. Fires must be extinguished using water drawn from the wells. Finally, the bodies of the dead must be burned to prevent the spread of disease.
Objective: Rescue Citizens From Rubble: 0/3
Objective: Put Out Fires 0/4
Objective: Burn Corpses: 0/4

I need to use water to fight the fires. My hands aren't that big, so I'll need to find a bucket.

Objective Hint: Collect a Bucket Near a Well

I have a bucket full of water. I need to stand near the fires and use it.

Objective Hint: Use Bucket Near Fires
I've extinguished the fires around the crops.
Finishes quest☑ I've worked to help the people of Riften recover from the giant's attack. I should report to Captain Viveka inside Riften.
Objective: Talk to Captain Viveka
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