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Home Settlement Shor's Stone
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Gerring is a Nord found in the town of Shor's Stone. He has a varied schedule in and around the large open-air shelter, including chopping wood, drinking, and talking with Idvir.


Gerring and Idvir have two short conversations.

Before completing the Shor's Stone objective:

Gerring: "What a night! I can't believe what's going on around here. Soldiers all over."
Idvir: "This is the Companions' fault. Never liked them hanging around town like that anyway."
Gerring: "I don't know about that, but the Reachmen sure want something in that mine"

After completing the Shor's Stone objective:

Gerring: "Well, how do you like being part of the Pact now? They cleaned things up, eh?"
Idvir: "What? Town's a mess, Sinmur's back, Fallowstone's overrun. Don't need friends like that."
Gerring: "Come on, the Pact helped us out of a jam. I'm happy to have allies like that."

If you speak to him directly:

"Will the Reachmen ever go away?"