Shadows of the Hist


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Location Cradle of Shadows
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Silken Ring, Shadowscales (formerly)

Geel-Ma is a rogue Argonian Shadowscale who is the second-scale to Tsatva-Lan. He and his master have gone missing in the Cradle of Shadows, which has resulted in Hides-the-Ashes to come and look for them.

Upon entering the Spinner's Sanctuary, Geel-Ma and his master are seen with Dranos Velador, whereafter he is shortly killed by Tsatva-Lan to prove his loyalty to the Silken Ring. After witnessing his death, Hides-the-Ashes says, "That bastard. He didn't even let Geel-Ma die with a knife in his hand."

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

This exchange can be witnessed from the Spinner's Sanctuary:

Hides-the-Ashes: "I heard screeching. Giant spiders? No surprise there … wait."
Hides-the-Ashes: "It's the Ring's field captain, Dranos Velador and … no. No, no, no."
Tsatva-Lan: "It is done, Velador. The remaining Shadowscales are dealt with."
Dranos Velador: "I'm afraid you're mistaken, my friend. Another member of your tribe has breached the gates."
Tsatva-Lan: "Hides-the-Ashes. If she is here, she will die like the rest. Now, you wanted proof of my loyalty? Bear witness."
Geel-Ma: "Tsatva-Lan, what are you—? You do not need to do this!"
Geel-Ma: "No!"
Dranos Velador: "Well done, my scaled friend. You have cast off your old skin, and the Silken Ring welcomes you as a brother. Seek out Velidreth and receive your blessing."
Hides-the-Ashes: "I need a moment to … sort this out. Kill that smoke-skin bastard, Dranos, and we'll regroup afterward.

Tsatva will then exit the room and head toward's Velidreth's sanctum.


  • His diary is found at the entrance of the dungeon.