Shadows of the Hist


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Location Cradle of Shadows
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Shadowscales

Hides-the-Ashes is an Argonian Shadowscale found inside the Cradle of Shadows. She needs your help to find and rescue her mentor.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After clearing the room before the Spider Caves:

Hides-the-Ashes: "Love what you've done with the place. Messy. Sends a message, yeah?"
<Hides-the-Ashes looks at the door>
Hides-the-Ashes: "Portcullises over the gates? I didn't expect them to roll out the welcome mat, but this seems excessive. We're going to have to find another way out of here."
<She looks around>
Hides-the-Ashes: "Ah. Lever. And just out of reach, too. Typical. Find a way up there. It'll open at least one of these gates, I guarantee it."
Hides-the-Ashes: "I'll hold this room while you're gone. Don't dawdle, all right?"

When you return from the Spider Caves, she will be standing over the corpses of a few dead Spiderkith.

Hides-the-Ashes: "Sorry. Can't stand these things. Spiderkith. They attacked as soon as you left. We must be on the right track."

After defeating Votary of Velidreth, Hides enters the room.

Hides-the-Ashes: "I heard screeching. Giant spiders? No surprise there … wait."

<She notices a grate. You can see into the room below through it; the room behind the door you unlocked with the lever.>

Hides-the-Ashes: "It's the Ring's field captain, Dranos Velador and … no. No, no, no."
Tsatva-Lan: "It is done, Velador. The remaining Shadowscales are dealt with."
Dranos Velador: "I'm afraid you're mistaken, my friend. Another member of your tribe has breached the gates."
Tsatva-Lan: "Hides-the-Ashes. If she is here, she will die like the rest. Now, you wanted proof of my loyalty? Bear witness."
Geel-Ma: "Tsatva-Lan, what are you—? You do not need to do this!"
Geel-Ma: "No!"
<Tsatva-Lan kills Geel-Ma>
Dranos Velador: "Well done, my scaled friend. You have cast off your old skin, and the Silken Ring welcomes you as a brother. Seek out Velidreth and receive your blessing."
Hides-the-Ashes: "That bastard. He didn't even let Geel-Ma die with a knife in his hand."
Hides-the-Ashes: "I need a moment to … sort this out. Kill that smoke-skin bastard, Dranos, and we'll regroup afterward."

Speaking with her after this exchange:

"I am sorry I misled you. I really thought that Tsatva had been take. Foolish sentiment, yeah? Not a mistake I'll make again, trust me."
You seem ....
"Tense? Yeah, finding out that a trusted friend has become a murderous traitor will do that to you."
So, do you plan to capture him, or—?
"If by ""capture"" you mean ""terminate with extreme prejudice,"" then yes, that's exactly what I plan to do.
nHe's murdered his shell-kin, and thrown in his lot with filthy spider worshipers. That's not the kind of blasphemy you get to walk away from."
He's probably still in the next rom. If we go in together—?
"Maybe. I could … no. No, thank you. I'm upset. I never kill anyone when I'm upset. Just have to take a moment. Let it simmer, yeah? Put things in perspective. You understand."
All right. Any advice for facing Velador?
"Don't get stabbed? Sorry, that's the full extent of what I can offer right now.
I've never tangled with Dranos, but I've heard all the stories. Rumor is he drinks spider venom and eats the liver of any man he kills. He's fast. Too fast. Be careful."

After defeating Dranos, Hides-the-Ashes enters the room:

Hides-the-Ashes: "Tsatva's gone, isn't he? Damn it. I should have been here. I could have … never mind."

<She examines the statue hanging from the ceiling>

Hides-the-Ashes: "Mephala. Night Mother's mercy, I am so sick of looking at her smug face. Remind me to smash this thing when Tsatva's … when we're done."
Hides-the-Ashes: "I'll double back to make sure he hasn't fled. You keep going and find this Velidreth."

In the room before the catacombs:

Speaking with her after the enemies are dead:

"Velidreth is close, I can feel it. Tsatva too.
Take what you want from this Lady of Lace, but leave Tsatva to me."

After killing Velidreth:

Hides-the-Ashes: "Tsatva-Lan. Funny meeting you here."
Tsatva-Lan: "Hides-the-Ashes … I'm impressed you made it so far. Haven't stopped dragging that right heel on the parry, though. I taught you better than that."
Hides-the-Ashes: "Ha. Yes. Well, old friend, it appears that the student has become the teacher. Today's lesson: the price of disloyalty."
Tsatva-Lan: "So abrupt! Don't you want to know why?"
Hides-the-Ashes: "Won't make any difference."
Tsatva-Lan: "You can indulge me this one last lesson. A final kindness for an old friend."
Hides-the-Ashes: "Fine. Talk."
Tsatva-Lan: "I knew you could be reasonable. The truth is that you are weak. The Shadowscales are weak. The Dark Brotherhood is weak. Your traditions are worthless pretense. It took me a long time to see it. Too long."
Hides-the-Ashes: "And these spider-worshipers know better?"
Tsatva-Lan: "They do. Sithis comes for us all, old friend. You kill in his name, but do not understand his nature. Mephala does. Very soon, she will make you understand. All of you."
Hides-the-Ashes: "I look forward to hearing from her. Goodbye, Tsatva-Lan."
<Hides-the-Ashes kills Tsatva-Lan.>
Hides-the-Ashes: "Pay my respects to Sithis, old man."

:Hides-the-Ashes: "All right, Tsatva. Time to lick the tree."

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