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ON-icon-food-Frost Mirriam.png Frost Mirriam
Type Food Improvement

Frost Mirriam is an ingredient used in Provisioning to make a variety of Food dishes and one beverage. As an improvement-type ingredient, it is required in all Gourmet food recipes. It is also required to make Psijic Ambrosia.


Frost Mirriam (along with Bervez Juice) are rare purple ingredients that can only be obtained from provisioning hirelings, or from provisioning writs.

They can also be bought from Guild Traders.


Gourmet Dishes[edit]

Gourmet dishes provide Increase Maximum Health, Increase Maximum Magicka, and Increase Maximum Stamina effects.


Psijic Ambrosia[edit]


In addition to the above, Frost Mirriam is used as an ingredient in most Epic quality Provisioning Furnishing Designs: