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(lore page)
Location Zuuk
Race Kothringi Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Drillk is a Kothringi madman who can be found tied up in the center of Zuuk, having been interrogated by the Aldmeri Dominion for the location of a Keystone. He is the last of his village, but he is also delusional, regarding himself as royalty (to the point of using the royal we) and believing that his fellow villagers are still alive.

During the related quests, the freed spirits of his fellow villagers will restore Drillk's sanity. He will then reveal that he survived the Knahaten Flu because he absorbed the Keystone's power, and it is the only thing keeping him alive. You will be given the option to take the power for yourself (for use in the quest The Dominion's Alchemist) or spare Drillk's life.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

King of Dust[edit]

Drillk is initially seen tied to a pillar. When spoken to, you will untie him after he promises to tell you more about the keystone:

"You there! Untie us."
Us? There's only one of you.
"We understand you would not recognize royalty when tied to a pillar. Therefore, we request you untie us."
Do you know anything about Zuuk's keystone?
But we can think of nothing while our kingdom lies in ruins. We slowly comprehend what a boar must feel while trussed up and awaiting a feast."
I'll untie you.

Immediately after being untied, he runs into a house, beckoning you to follow:

Drillk: "Follow us! Our castle is nearby."

When spoken to inside of his "castle", he will ask you to create a new crown in order to find the keystone. You may choose whether to oblige him on his request or give him a wakeup call that the Dominion are roaming the ruins:

"You've proven yourself worthy of becoming one of our subjects. What is your name?"
My name is <<Your Name Here>>.
"Then we conscript you into our service. We are King Drillk, your liege lord.
We will entertain your petitions, should you have any."
Where is the keystone?
"When our kingdom is secure and our dignity restored, the keystone will reveal itself. So says the prophecy!
The first order of business is to create a new crown. We sense your reluctance, but nothing can be done without our crown."
Only if your crown leads to the keystone.
"Splendid! When you recover enough materials around our kingdom, use the anvil to shape it.
Here's a smithing hammer, loyal subject. We are, after all, a benevolent monarch."
I'll return shortly.

If you choose to help him forge a crown, you may ask him further questions about being "king":

"We eagerly await our reforged crown. We would not dare ask you to fashion glorious-looking hawk wings on each side. We prefer you surprise us."
You're the king of what, exactly?
"Why, the kingdom of Zuuk! And now that you're here, the king of you.
It is a responsibility we do not take lightly."
Can you tell me anything else about the keystone?
"Sadly, no. The prophecy was quite clear. "Crown restored to king before the keystone bring."
We realize it should be "brought" instead of "bring," but you know. Prophecies."'
[Intimidate] Dominion soldiers destroy your kingdom as we speak. How important is your crown?
"A canny one. We dare not question your honor when it fills you to the brim!
It's true, we need no crown to be king. But how can we rule with our subjects in perilous danger?"
Which subjects?
"The invaders bind our subjects with foul magics. They hold Lleram, Dethrel, and Sarase in our lowlands.
When mages bind the helpless, they keep a Scroll of Release at hand. Find one of those scrolls and free our bound subjects!"
How do you know all this?
"A good king listens to his people.
We hear their pleas, day and night. Even now, they speak to us. We find it curious you cannot also hear their cries."
I'll free your subjects.
"The magic wielders spend their time conjuring spells and digging in the mud. As if binding our citizens wasn't enough, they also defile our land!"
Who are the people you want me to rescue?
"Why, they're our people!
Even if they weren't, we wouldn't suffer anyone to be treated that way. Not in our kingdom."
King Drillk wearing his crown

If you have decided to forge Drillk's Crown and found the parts needed to craft it:

"You can use the old forge north of us to craft the crown."

When you forged the crown, bring it back to him, he will mention that his subjects need to be rescued:

"Do you have our new crown? Is it ready? We are beside ourselves!"
Yes, here is your new crown.
"Such beauty. Why, look at the molding!
Alas, a king who cannot protect his subjects is no king at all. This crown only serves to remind us that our people suffer."
What happened to your people?
"The invaders hold our citizens in the lowlands. Lleram, Dethrel, and Sarase are their names.
We overheard the mages who bound them speak of a Scroll of Release. Acquire this scroll and free our bound subjects."
How do you know all this?
"Even now, our subjects petition us for succor.
They wail day and night. We hear their pleas, and even now they call to us."
I'll free your subjects.
"Now then, the crown. Hmm. A little tight around our temples, but the pinch reminds us of kingship's burden.
How does it look?"
It looks good.
"We had no doubt in your capabilities. What sort of king would we be if we didn't look good in a crown? Superb craftsmanship!"
It's kind of ugly.
"Then it shall serve as contrast to show true beauty comes from within. Splendid, subtle craftsmanship!"
I should go free your subjects.
"The magic wielders spend their time conjuring spells and digging in the mud. As if binding our citizens wasn't enough, they also defile our land!"
Who are the people you want me to rescue?
"Why, they're our people!
Even if they weren't, we wouldn't suffer anyone to be treated that way. Not in our kingdom."

When you picked up the scroll of release and before you free his subjects:

"We can't let those monsters attack our people. You must free them.
That is our decree."

After you free the spirits, Drillk must be informed of your success and he will take you to where the keystone is located:

"We no longer hear the wailing of our people. Have you freed them?"
The people I rescued were spirits.
"Spirits? Nonsense!
Come, we'll show you. Our subjects await a royal declaration at the castle tower. It's not every day you'll have the honor of escorting a king through his dominion!"
I need the keystone.
"And you shall have it, according to prophecy. "The king in his tower declaims the keystone's hour." Have no fear, your king shall be the vessel of your deliverance!"
I'll escort you to the tower.
[Exits dialogue.]
You're certain the keystone will be there?
"As certain as we can be when it comes to prophecy. But we will do all in our power to ensure it comes to pass."
All right. I'll escort you.

Speaking to him while escorting him:

"It's been far too long since we made a public declaration. Not since … isn't that odd? We can't recall.
Well. Come now—to the castle tower!"

At that point, Drillk is recruited as a follower. He has lines for when you enter combat:

Drillk: "Show them no mercy. Your king demands it!"
Drillk: "Make them pay for invading our kingdom!"
Drillk: "These robes have been passed down from the kings of old. Try not to get blood on them."
Drillk: "Watching you fight exhausts us."
Drillk: "You're pretty handy in a fight. We'll make you captain of our knights."

If you leave the area before reaching the destination:

Drillk: "Where are you going? The castle's tower isn't this way. Turn around!"

When he reaches his destination, he'll make a decree:

Drillk: "We have returned! Rejoice, your king reclaims his kingdom!"
Drillk: "Long have invaders occupied our lands, but do not be afraid, for our royal army has a new captain."
Drillk: "Come now, address the people, captain."

You must speak to Drillk instead:

"Why are you speaking to us? Address our citizens, captain of the royal army!"
Drillk, I need that keystone.
"You don't wish to become captain of the royal army? We apologize, but the only other position is royal consort. Though we seek to cause no offense, you simply don't intrigue us in that fashion."

After this, blue light will surge around Drillk, and he'll ask:

Drillk: "What's happening?"

The spirits of Lleram, Sarase, and Dethrel will reappear.

Sarase: "Drillk! Remember your duty!"

Beams of green light will blast out of the spirits and directly into Drillk for a few seconds; the spirits will then disappear as Drillk falls to the floor.

Drillk: "The keystone … I remember it now."

Into the Temple[edit]

His friends will restore his sanity and he will reveal that the keystone is sealed in the Temple of Sul:

"Forgive me. The Dominion's torture ripped my thoughts away from myself. I tried to tell you before, but it was like speaking with a mind full of sap.
The keystone is sealed in the Temple of Sul. I'll do all I can to help you retrieve it."
How can I get it out?
"While my people still lived, we sealed the temple with a magic ward to keep angry spirits and undead from following us out.
Say '"betrux" to the temple door to unseal it."
What does betrux mean?
"It means "open" in my language. I used to speak so many languages, but I've forgotten most of them.
There's much I can't remember. Go, I'll be fine. I just need some rest."
Wait here. I'll get the keystone.

Speaking to him again:

"I can't remember anything, though the cloud over my mind is gone. Now my memories lie in deep pools, inaccessible to me unless they bubble to the surface."

After unsealing the door to the temple, he will be sitting down:

"You'll find the keystone within the Temple of Sul. You must obtain it before the Dominion."

After dealing with Morilye in the temple, you'll return back to him and he will realize he absorbed the keystone when the plague wiped out his village. He will ask you to take the keystone's energy even if it kills him. You will have to make a decision on how to decide his fate:

"You're back, but without the keystone. What happened?"
An Ayleid ghost said you'd absorbed the keystone.
"Absorbed? I don't know … I entered the temple and saw the keystone. And then, nothing.
Now that you've said it, I feel something. That must've been what kept me alive when the rest of my village died."
The ghost said you were the last of the Kothringi.
"Kothringi ... yes. I remember now! I am a Kothringi! A plague swept across the village. Sickness, death, corpses piled everywhere ....
Is that why I entered the temple? To find the keystone?"
I don't know, but we just need to keep you and the keystone away from the Dominion.
"No, I'm the last of the Kothringi. I should rejoin my people. There's a ritual to pass the keystone on to you, although it would mean my death.
Let me give you the keystone. At least my survival will have meaning."
I won't be responsible for your death. We must make do without the keystone.
"I am prepared for this.
My village and my family all died without purpose. I've lived long enough alone. I am ready to join them."
I need to reconsider this.
"Let me pass the keystone to you. Your need is greater than mine.
I have no fear of death, only death without purpose."
I must keep the keystone from the Dominion. Farewell, Drillk.
"There is nothing left for me here except for these statues.
Statues I built to remember my people, so I could have someone to talk to. Yes, that's why I built them. Someone to talk to …."
Your sacrifice and your people will be remembered.
"When you absorb the keystone, a part of the Kothringi will live on as well."
I need to reconsider this.
[Returns to the previous choice.]
Thank you, Drillk.

If he infuses you with the keystone, then his last words will be as he's transferring over the energy of the stone to you before he dies:

Drillk: "Thank you for helping me restore my sanity ... use this keystone well."

If you choose to leave Drillk alive, he will say:

"You should have taken the keystone, there is nothing left for me here except for these statues. I built them to remember my people, so I could have someone to talk to …."

He will then begin to walk around, speaking to the statues of his departed friends.

Drillk: "Have you seen the king? I seem to have lost him somewhere. Wait … am I the king? No, that can't be right."
Drillk: "Remember when we use to hunt in the swamps? Fresh guar meat roasting over the fire? Ha! Those were the days."
Drillk: "Why, you haven't changed a bit! What, you have a family now? Wonderful!"


  • His name is pronounced "Drill-lik".
  • If you choose to forge Drillk a crown, it will be a Lich Style hat.