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Location Cloudrest
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Cemaria is a Bosmer found in Cloudrest. She was rescued from the lower level of the city by Olorime during the disaster at Cloudrest.


"You couldn't pay me to ride that gryphon again. I don't know how the Welkynars make it look so easy!"
You were down below when this happened?
"Yes, I was. Nearly got swallowed up by that darkness. Lucky for me, Welkynar Olorime swooped me up before it reached me.
I saw many who were not so fortunate. Those poor souls ...."

After Z'Maja's defeat:

"Thank you for saving my city. I may be a newcomer, but I've truly grown to love Cloudrest over these past few months. It pains me to see it in this state."


  • After completing the trial, her resting animation will be frozen, leaving her mouth open and eyes unblinking. Her animations will be normal when speaking, but she will return to the same pose after you exit the dialogue window. ?