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Brigadine Scout Iscaria
Home Settlement Borderwatch
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ivory Brigade
Brigadine Scout Iscaria

Brigadine Scout Iscaria is an Imperial soldier of the Ivory Brigade who can be found in Borderwatch.

She will give you the quest A Keep's Ransom and point you towards her commanding officer, Commander Axius. At the conclusion of the quest, she disappears.[verification needed — couldn't find her again]

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you approach her, she will say "Hold traveler! Borderwatch isn't safe." before you talk to her.

Speak with her to learn what is going on:

"Scout Iscaria, Ivory Brigade Borderwatch garrison. We're in desperate need of help."
What do you need help with?
"There's a situation at the fortress. Hostages involved.
Report to Commander Axius if you want to assist us, he'll make it worth your while. He's camped outside the fort."
I'll speak with Commander Axius.

After speaking to her to get the quest, you can ask further questions:

"Follow the road. It should be safe up to the fort. You'll find Commander Axius's camp outside Borderwatch's walls.
I just hope you're more help than the so-called professionals he sent in already."
What happened at the fort?
"I only know it involves mercenaries threatening to kill innocent folk if we try to fight them. The commander doesn't want it to come to that, but we're running out of options."
What can you tell me about Borderwatch?
"The fort is under the jurisdiction of Leyawiin's militia, the Ivory Brigade. It defends the main road between Leyawiin and Bravil. We're all that keeps the Three Banners War from spreading into Blackwood.
We can't lose the fort. We just can't."
Who are these so-called professionals you mentioned?
"Feh. Not sure myself. Some shifty Argonian and a wide-eyed Wood Elf. They happened by and claimed they could rescue the hostages without any bloodshed. Haven't heard a thing since, for better or worse."

After resolving the hostage crisis, she will be in the camp:

"You pulled that off like you were a bloody Cygnus Irregular.
Hope you've left some of those Painted Eye for the rest of us. Nothing sadder than trudging back home with a full quiver.'
There are still more than a few.
"Retaking the fortress without causing any damage will be tricky, but Commander Axius is up to it. The only reason the Painted Eye has held it this long was because of their cowardly tactics. They can't hide behind innocents now."