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Location Eton Nir Grotto
Blackrose Prison
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Erilthel is a Bosmer member of the Thieves Guild apprenticed to Seeks-the-Dark found asking for your assistance both inside Eton Nir Grotto on Summerset and Blackrose Prison in Murkmire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Looting the Light[edit]

The Black Gauntlet[edit]

"You know, you don't really strike me as a member of the Blackguards. More like a hero type, in my opinion. A hero who would be only too keen on helping a poor lass in need."
I'm not a member of the Blackguards.
"Truly? Then perhaps you'd be willing to help!
My boss Seeks-the-Dark has been captured by these ruffians. And as tempting as a daring rescue sounds, there's no way I could possibly infiltrate Blackrose Prison alone."
What did you have in mind then?
"I've struck a deal with Drakeeh, the leader of the Blackguards. If I can defeat their gauntlet challenge, he'll release Seeks. Unfortunately, I'm more of a sneak than a fighter.
But you! I bet you've got combat skills aplenty. Mind helping me out?"
I'll help you defeat the Blackguards' gauntlet and save your boss.
"I'm so glad you've agreed to help me!
Now, the Blackrose Prison gauntlet is no laughing matter. You'll be forced to fight against all sorts of enemies, one after another. So make sure you're well prepared!"
What can you tell me about this place?
"Blackrose used to be an Imperial prison. It was abandoned nearly a century ago.
That's when the original Blackguards took it over. They were all former inmates, and used the prison as a base for their less-than-legal operations."
What about the gauntlet?
"The gauntlet serves as both entertainment for the Blackguards and punishment for all who cross them. Each arena is held by a reigning champion.
Your first opponent is Battlemage Ennodius, an Imperial known for her unmatched skill with fire magic."
Don't the Blackguards hate Imperials?
"Perhaps the original Blackguards did, but these days you'll find all manner of races within their ranks. It seems Drakeeh is more concerned with amassing power than holding onto a century long grudge."
How did Seeks-the-Dark end up captured?
"I knew something was off, soon as the Thieves Guild gave us a job in Murkmire. Seeks just looked... nervous. Almost scared.
We were only here a few days before the Blackguards nabbed him. Got him while we were sleeping in the marsh, the cowards."
How did you escape?
"Easily. The Blackguards weren't interested in me at all, didn't even give chase. So I stuck to the shadows and followed them here.
One of the patrols noticed me scouting the prison. That's when Drakeeh contacted me."
And he made a deal with you.
"Right. So long as I made my way through their gauntlet, Seeks would be free to go.
I halfway suspect it was all a joke. I can easily pick you a lock or steal some treasure, but defeating a gauntlet of deadly warriors? Not my forte."

Post-Quest: If you pass by Blackrose Prison after rescuing Seeks-the-Dark, you can find him speaking with Erilthel.

Erilthel: "Now that we've put Blackrose behind us, it's time to finally complete our mission!"
Seeks-the-Dark: "Or we could lay low. Get some rest, recuperate from our near death experience ...."
Erilthel: "Rest? Recuperate? You're mentoring Lady Twilight herself, soon to be the greatest thief of our generation! There's no time for such things!"
Seeks-the-Dark: "Not even a day with you, and I'm already looking back at my days of capture with longing."

Speaking with Erilthel after this exchange, you'll find her bubbly as ever:

"Hopefully next time we meet, it will be under happier circumstances.
For now, feel free to talk to Seeks-the-Dark. I'm sure he's just overflowing with gratitude for all that you've done for him!"
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