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Bastibien Dencent
Home City Evermore
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Bastibien Dencent

Bastibien Dencent is a Breton found in the city of Evermore near the city well, he cannot be spoken or interacted with.


Occasionally he can be overheard making conversation with Zizou Douar about the state of Evermore.

Zizou Douar: "I had to dig three more crows out of my chimney flue this morning. We may have suffocated if not for the dog barking."
Bastibien Dencent: "Believe me, I can empathize. I've found bird droppings in my porridge twice in the last week."
Zizou Douar: "I've never seen the like. What could be causing it?"
Bastibien Dencent: "Witchcraft I should think. Or maybe something with the weather. Who knows—I'm hardly a scholar."
Zizou Douar: "Well I'm off to Shara's shop to buy a bow and arrow."
Bastibien Dencent: "Are you sure that's wise? If there truly is a hex on this town, I'd give those crows a wide berth."
Zizou Douar: "Perhaps you're right. Maybe I'll just buy a cat and see what happens."