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Alvaren Garoutte
Location The road next to Old Kalgon's Keep
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Alvaren Garoutte

Alvaren Garoutte is a Breton priest of Arkay seeking holy relics across Rivenspire.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He can be found standing next to a burning and broken wagon.

"Dark days are upon us, friend. Arkay's foes spread like wildfire. Only his holy relics can save us now."
Holy relics?
"Yes, the legacy of Arkay's saints, imbued with his power. Our sacred mission is to find these relics and use them to stem the undead tide."
Our mission? Who else is with you?
"Three knights of Arkay obey my commands. I sent them out to the locations described in our order's scrolls, but none have returned.
Would you try to find them and bring back the holy relics?"
Yes, I'll try.
"Find my knights and bring back Arkay's relics. They are our only hope now against the dead tide."
Where did they go?
"Each knight went to a different site rumored to contain a relic. Matthiaume went to Flyleaf Catacombs, Edweg to Sanguine Barrows, and Cesabelle to Lorkrata Ruins."

Once you have all three relics, you can return to Alvaren Garoutte:

"I rejoice that you still live. Arkay's blessings served you well. Cesabelle has returned. What of the others?"
Matthiaume is dead, and Edweg deserted your cause.
"I feared as much. Alas for Edweg's weakness and the evil deeds of the bandits.
Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I have rewards for your bravery and skill in Arkay's cause."

If you talk with him afterwards:

"I regret I could not give you more, but I have little. Service to Arkay is its own reward."