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Find out what happened to Arkay's missing knights.
Zone: Rivenspire
Quest Giver: Alvaren Garoutte at Old Kalgon's Keep
Location(s): Flyleaf Catacombs, Lorkrata Ruins, Sanguine Barrows
Reward: Arkay's Vambraces
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 4923
Alvaren Garoutte could use some help.
Knights of Arkay search for holy relics to help combat the rising undead threat spreading throughout Rivenspire. So far, the knights have yet to return.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Alvaren Garoutte next to the road near Old Kalgon's Keep.
  2. Find one of the knights of Arkay in Sanguine Barrows.
  3. Find the second knight in Flyleaf Catacombs.
  4. Find the third knight in Lorkrata Ruins.
  5. Return to Alvaren.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Alvaren Garoutte is standing on the road next to Old Kalgon's Keep, and he has a problem. Alvaren is a preist of Arkay. The undead ravage Rivenspire, and he's sent several knights of Arkay to find three holy relics associated with his faithful. Unfortunately, the knights haven't returned. He asks that you find his knights, and retrieve Arkay's holy relics in their stead if they cannot. He tells you that Matthiaume went to Flyleaf Catacombs, Edweg to Sanguine Barrows, and that Cesabelle is in Lorkrata Ruins.


Edweg is comparatively easy to find, wandering around the Sanguine Barrows to the south. Watch out for skeevers, wolves and trolls - nothing that can't be handled - but he's given up on Arkay. He gives you his resignation letter and points you to the Fingerbone of Saint Marben. Take Edweg's Resignation Note and find the dig site where the Fingerbone is located. You won't have to leave Sanguine Barrows to find it. The relic can be found nearly due east of his location, south of Tribulation Crypt.


Matthiaume, by contrast, has stayed true to his mission, but proved unequal to the task. He has fallen to the bandits of the Flyleaf Catacombs, which are on completely the far side of Rivenspire, in the west (behind not only a haunted, spider-infested graveyard but a dolmen). Matthiaume's corpse and his last journal are in a room not far from the entrance. However, the relic he was seeking, Saint Ellenica's Prayer Book, is right around the other side of the loop, in the room just short of the boss. This is the hardest section of the quest: although it's possible to run or sneak past the boss and make a sprint for the exit after picking up the relic, there's no avoiding at least a dozen bandits on the way there, and they will attack you in groups. Take Matthiaume's Journal and find the relic he was seeking, then move on.


When you find Cesabelle in the Lorkrata ruins (just to the north of Alvaren), she's actually already found the item she was looking for, and was just about to leave the ruins and head back to Alvaren to report her success. You do not need to either rescue her, find the item for her, or even help her find it. There's nothing in these ruins above ground but skeevers anyways. Below ground is another story, as there's an entirely different quest there.

Once you've found all of the relics, return to Alvaren Garoutte near Old Kalgon's Keep to be rewarded for your efforts.


  • The journal reads incorrectly that you should finish the quest in Shornhelm. Alvaren will be at the same spot where you started the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Archaic Relics
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've been asked to help find the missing knights and recover the holy relics.
Objective: Find the Fingerbone of Saint Marben
Objective: Find Saint Ellenica's Prayer Book
Objective: Find Scythe Blade of Saint Octavien
Objective Hint: Find Matthiaume
Objective Hint: Read Matthiaume's Note
Objective Hint: Search Saint Ellenica's Grave
Objective Hint: Find Edweg
Objective Hint: Talk to Edweg
Objective Hint: Search Saint Marben's Grave
Objective Hint: Find Cesabelle
Objective Hint: Talk to Cesabelle
☑Finishes quest I discovered what happened to all three knights and recovered two of the holy relics. I should return to Alvaren in Shornhelm [sic].
Objective: Talk to Alvaren