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Home Settlement Vulkwasten
Location In front of Cold Cave
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Alphrost is a Bosmer rotmeth brewer found in the town of Vulkwasten. Galithor is his brother.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Something Rotten[edit]

After you rouse the mammoths, he comes running from the brewery.

Alphrost: "Galithor! Someone's broken into the brewery!"

Speak to him.

"I was in the brewery when someone struck me on the back of my head. I must've been out for several minutes.
Whoever hit me is still upstairs with the sacred brew. We've got to stop him!"
Who knocked you out?
"I didn't see him, but he must have been big. Huge!
Probably an Orc."
If you didn't see who hit you, how do you know it was a he?
"What are you trying to say?
At any rate, someone's got to go to the upper floor and check on the rotmeth. I'd go, but my head's pounding like crazy."

Speaking to him again:

"You're probably best equipped to handle something like this.
We're always up for an out and out brawl, but coshing someone on the back of the head's just not right."

For Everything a Season[edit]

You can find him in front of the tavern.

"Listen, if we work quickly, we can cut our losses! Those thieves didn't nab everything. One of the rotmeth bladders is ready to turn, but we're short on a few critical seasonings.
You're good with animals. Maybe you can help me out?"
What do you need?
"Just a couple of things, really. Thunderbug hearts from the wild thunderbugs down the hill. And some maggots.
And, well, if you want to know, there's something else bothering me."
What's that?
"Can you meet me by Cold Cave when you're done? It's right below our feet, so to speak. The entry's on the hillside.
You can't miss the cold air coming from it. Promise you'll meet me there?"
I'll take care of things and meet you there.
"Rotmeth requires a certain tang from the thunderbugs, and their maggots are essential in eliminating the more dangerous poisons.
Fortunately, they're plentiful around Cold Cave."

Meeting him in front of the cave:

"Not a moment too soon!
It's as I suspected. The village is in considerable danger!"
What's wrong?
"Galithor's atronach is starting to thaw. It's waking up!
Firuin said this might happen. Something about regular bindings? And now she's gone, no one knows how to bind it!"
"Galithor's assistant. Bit of a marvel when it came to the arcane. Whipped up this fellow like it was nothing! She was sweet on Galithor, but he didn't see it.
That's all past us, though. Now that thing is up and about!"
This isn't normal?
"Not at all. It's supposed to stand still and keep things cool. But now it's creaking around, taking a swing at anything warmer than an icicle.
I can hunt well enough, but atronachs aren't my usual game."
I'll take care of it.
"I knew I could count on you!
If you don't come back, well … I don't know what I'll do, but I'll certainly do something!"

Speaking to him again before taking care of the atronach:

"Good luck in there! I don't envy you, so once this is over the drinks are on me!"

Returning from the cave:

"You really are a wonder, aren't you? If I were younger, I might ask you to show me how you do it.
That's not the life for me, though. Not now, anyway."
Don't worry about it. Here are the ingredients you needed.
"With this, the rotmeth will turn out great! A pity to lose all that ice, but to be honest … the atronach always gives me the chills. Just standing there. Watching.
We'll make do with the cave. What was good for our parents is good for us, eh?"

Speaking to him again after the quest:

"Have you ever thought of becoming a brewer's assistant? We could go after even more unusual ingredients."