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Home Settlement Vulkwasten
Location Outside Borwiian's house
Tall Trunk Tavern
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Galithor is a Bosmer rotmeth brewmaster in Vulkwasten. You'll initially find him north of town at the mammoth pen outside Borwiian's house, then in the Tall Trunk Tavern. Alphrost is his brother.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He will be exhausted.

"Watch out, the mammoths are loose! We're all in danger!"
What's wrong?
"Someone's let the mammoths out of their pen. They're acting drunk. Someone must have slipped rotmeth into their water again.
A few of us got injured trying to sober them up."
Maybe I can help. What do you need?
"Here, take this cold water. Most of them are lolling around in a stupor now. Toss it on the mammoths to wake them up.
They'll be cantankerous and you'll have to defend yourself, but they'll run on home once you've beaten some sense into them.
I'll get your mammoths back.

You can then ask him more about rotmeth.

"We'd let the mammoths just sleep the effects off, but it might be dangerous for us to round them back up later. They're very docile in their pen. Honest."
What do you brew here?
"Rotmeth! It takes years to make. Precious stuff used in ceremonies. Weddings and the like.
The mammoths seem to have gotten into it, though it's anyone's guess how. It's kept high up in the trees!"
What goes into rotmeth?
"We make it from fermented meat, seasoned with thunderbug organs. I can't give you the exact recipe, naturally."
You drink liquor made out of meat and bugs?
"Of course. Would you have us drink wine made from fruit, as the Altmer do? That's disgusting.
Not to mention a violation of the Green Pact. We could hardly serve such a thing at a wedding."
Rotmeth's used in wedding ceremonies?
"Yes, it symbolizes the muscle of the boar the power of the forest, the strength of the Bosmer people. No wedding can take place without it!"
Does this happen often?
"More often than I'd like to admit. Every now and again some idiot decides to share his fortune with a mammoth. A few broken fingers usually put an end to it.
This is unprecedented, though. Someone must have fed them half our stock!"

Returning to him after rousing the mammoths and speaking to him before hearing what Alphrost has to say.

"Alphrost is my brother. He's one of the brewers.
What's wrong, Alphrost?"

Speaking to him after speaking to Alphrost:

"The brewery's up the hill. Follow your nose, you can't miss the smell of fermenting rotmeth.
I'll stay here and tend to Alphrost."

After checking on the brewery:

"What happened up there? I heard fighting!"
Read this.
"Firuin? I know she wasn't happy, but I didn't think ....
The brew! Is it safe?"
They took it through a portal.
"Then it could be anywhere! This is an insult. To me, my family! We've brewed rotmeth for centuries!"
Who was Firuin?
"She is … was a mage of no small skill. She could do the most wondrous things with ice! You've never tasted ale so cold!
But now she's gone. And the brew with her."
What should we do?
"You've got to stop them. I mean, "we." We've got to stop them.
She mentioned Balding Hill. We can only hope it's there!"
Why Balding Hill?
"I don't know, we had an argument. She asked me to run away with her. To meet her there.
I thought it was a joke, but that's the last I saw her. She knew I would never leave! This is my legacy! My family's legacy!"
I'll check it out. Where is it?
"It's a rocky hill on the other side of the mammoths' corral. We sometimes take them there. The grass gives them a peppery flavor.
I'd go with you, but I'm nothing in a fight. I'll stay here. Out of your way."

Speaking to him again:

"While you're tracking down the thieves, I'll try to figure out what they took. They can't have made off with everything."

Speaking to him after saving the Rotmeth:

"You're back! Did you save the rotmeth?"
Yes. Are you drunk?
"Drunk? No! Just checking the jagga. For bruising, you know? Rotmeth's the real prize, though. Thank you for finding it! I'll have some of the workers bring it home.
I thank you. My ancestors thank you. We all thank you! Here's to your success!"

After the quest:

"My friend! Thank you again. We'll drink an entire month in your honor! A whole month!
Wait, that doesn't sound right ...."