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Adhazabi Aba-daro
The Golden
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type The Golden
Adhazabi Aba-daro

Adhazabi Aba-daro is a special Khajiiti merchant known as "The Golden". She can be found in Cyrodiil at one Border Keep in each Alliance, but only appears at weekends. She arrives at midnight GMT on Friday night/Saturday morning, and is available until 12 noon GMT on Mondays.

She changes her stock each weekend, offering a total of six PvE-only set pieces for large amounts of AP or gold. Two are armor pieces while the other four are jewelry.

The armor comes from Monster Helm Sets. In a given weekend, she sells either two Head pieces or two Shoulder pieces. All three armor weights - Light, Medium, and Heavy - are available for each piece. Armor bought for 200,000 AP comes in the Impenetrable trait, while armor bought for 100,000 gold comes in the Infused trait.

The jewelry pieces are all Gold quality and CP160. In a given weekend, she sells either all Necklaces or all Rings. Two pieces of jewelry are from Overland sets, while the other two are from Dungeon sets. Overland set items cost 150,000 gold or 300,000 AP and are bind on equip, meaning that they can be sold or traded to other players. Dungeon set items cost 250,000 gold or 500,000 AP and are bind on pickup, matching their bind type when they drop in-game.


Adhazabi has a vast amount of randomized dialogue. Some of it is tailored to your character, such as referring their race, their wealth and their guild memberships.

Ambiant Dialogue[edit]

If you stand near her, she may occasionally call out to you:

"Come, raise your gold, your money! Raise your riches!"
more dialogue


General Dialogue
"Come, come! Our goods are clearly lonely. Come and spend some time, and also money. Spend the money first."
"Always a pleasure to greet you. What can we do for you this visit? These goods may thrill!"
"Some day, this one shall seek shade under boughs of gold. On a seat of gold. Eating goldfish."
"Some feel gold burdensome, a curse. They should give theirs to this enchanting foreign merchant, yes?"
"Let our relationship be clear! She has fine things, and loves only gold."
"In all of your time adventuring, what is the size of your hoard? Unburden and unpack! Give me your money!"
"Here to buy, to spend freely, or merely to talk? Talking without trade is vexing to some, you know."
"Do you feel the more gold you come across, the more problems you see? This one does not! Let us deal."
"Every now and then, there is a time when one reflects upon one's life and deeds.
This is a relevant philosophical question. It's decided: I need more money."
"A most satisfying sound, the clink of coin. More satisfying to sleep on it. Pains the neck, though."
"Money can't buy love, they say! You'll disagree when you see my wares."
"This one prefers gold to green baubles or blue stones. To crowns, to silver, platinum, and all other things. Gold is all that matters."
"She does not accept alliance letters of credit. Gold, only."
"This one does not accept barter of arms or armor. Gold, only."
"From the east to the west, we always welcome familiar faces. What can this one do for you?"
"One so seasoned as you surely must possess vast wealth. Feel free to browse, spend, and enjoy!" [verification needed — not sure if general or experience-specific showed up on level 10 character - also confirmed on CP 1000 character with 1.8 mil gold]

Character Race[edit]

Race-Specific Dialogue
Altmer "Is your purse as golden as you are? Please, show us!"
"This one does not accept the barter of trinkets or enchanted butterflies. Gold, only."
Argonian "Come, erect your spine of trade, let us share our profits!"
"This one does not accept barter of sap or dark deeds. Gold, only."
Bosmer "Valenwood has a long and rich history, do you know? Is its history rich in gold?"'
"When the world was young and Y'ffre taught creatures their ways, did he also teach them where he hid his gold?"
"This one does not accept barter of meat and bone. Gold, only."
Breton "It is often said the nobles of High Rock build their keeps upon vast treasuries. Is this true? How do you know?"
"This one does not accept barter of holy objects or work in kind. Gold, only."
Dunmer "Wealth beyond measure, muthsera?"
"This one does not accept barter of ash or scrib jelly. Gold, only."
Imperial "The Red Diamond, the Ruby Throne, the White Gold Tower — many riches in Cyrodiil, yes?"
"This one does not accept barter of favors or threats. Gold, only."
Khajiit "Bright moons, walker. Brighter yet if clad in gold, yes?"
"This one does not accept barter of moon-sugar or skooma. Gold, only."
Nord "Be assured and rest easy - nothing here was pillaged from any ancient tomb!"
"Can you take gold with you to Sovngarde? Leave it here, it will be safe. Have faith!"
Orc "The Orsimer have so long been trod upon by others, beaten down to rise again. Why not show them all — with your riches?"
"This one does not accept barter of blood or vexation. Gold, only."
"An old Orcish saying about money: 'Give me your money.'"
Redguard "Many riches in the Alik'r Desert, it is said. Are you they?"
"This one does not accept barter of swords or sand. Gold, only"

Werewolves and Vampires[edit]

If your nature as a Werewolf or a Vampire is visible, Adhazabi may refer to it:

Werewolf "This one does not accept barter of shed fur, whether damp or dry. Gold, only."
"Do you dream of being pursued by hunters, longing for your hide? Dream instead of riches!" [verification needed — see talk page]
Vampire "Let us deal, yes? But we leave the bats and such things at home." [verification needed — see talk page]


Depending on how far along the Guild questlines you are, then she will mention your memberships.

Group Dialogue
Fighters Guild "We find retail more profitable than mercenary work, truthfully. But this one has never profited from such a noteworthy contract as the Fighters Guild."
"You have a fondness for prisms and light? Is there money in that? As much money as killing daedra, perhaps?"
Mages Guild "Affairs in Eyevea, it is certain, go well enough. Well enough to spend freely and have not a care!"
"The Madgod would encourage you to spend on trifles such as an acreage of cheese or shoes made of live cats. He and we are nothing alike. Spend here!"
Undaunted "Undaunted! Undaunted? Dauntlessly spend your money here, friend."
"We know, gold is meaningless when one could die tomorrow in another, stranger, dungeon rife with peril. Spend your money here instead!"


Dialogue seems to be based on how much gold your character has on hand.

Wealth-Based Dialogue Range
Poor <100k gold - (?)
"Advice from me, advice for free — Reconsider your lifestyle of poverty."
"Let our relationship be clear! You are poor. Look, don't touch."
Middle-Class <=200K gold - (?)
"Ah you must be what we call "the middle class". Feel free to purchase but be careful to not be too poor."
"Though this one hungers for gold, she does worry about the needs of the individual. Take care of yourself."
Rich (?)
none identified after 250 dialogue samples


Experience Based
Low Level (Level 10 - (?))
"Fresh-cheeked and somewhat, mostly unscarred! Are you certain you can afford these wares?"
"One suspects, if you are so affluent as to afford these goods, you may have had a somewhat dodgy inheritance." [verification needed — Is this wealth-based or experience]
Mid Level (Level (?) - (?))
High Level ((?) - (?))
none identified after 250 dialogue samples


She will also have additional lines depending on the time of day.

Time of Day
"A good day. A good day to spend all of your money! Or just much of it."
"Gold! As golden as sunlight, as golden as hope — under this fine sun, trade yours to me."
"The night, so dark. Brighten my night by passing me your gold? This one has much to interest you!"
"A fine night, to drink, or dance, or spend a tidy sum on only the very finest of things."



The currently unused inventory icon.
  • An unused assistant inventory icon is present in the files for her.
  • Her model was revamped with a golden glow so she was more noticeable for players.