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Capture a poison-eating lizard for Cyrodilic Collections' expeditions to Murkmire.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Jee-Lar
Location(s): Stormhold, Sentinel, Ogre's Bluff (Alik'r Desert)
Prerequisite Quest: The Cursed Skull
Reward: Cyrodilic Collections Daily Contract Recompense
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6263
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Find a Copper-Tongued Skink
According to Jee-Lar, poison-sniffing skinks can provide some much-needed security in the wilds of Murkmire. He needs me to acquire one of these valuable lizards in Alik'r.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Arlowe Viducia in Sentinel.
  2. Collect three Venom Sacs.
  3. Capture the Copper-Tongued Skink at Ogre's Bluff and bring it to Jee-Lar.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Jee-Lar has instructed you to pick up a Copper-Tongued Skink from his contact in Sentinel. Copper-tongued skinks are bizarre little creatures; they love to eat venomous things. Given the volatile nature of Murkmire's native fauna, you can probably hazard a guess as to why Jee-Lar wants one of these.

Go to Sentinel and find Arlowe. He can be found in the street where all the market stalls are, close to Sentinel's Wayshrine. Arlowe regrettably informs you that he's lost the skink. It has a seemingly bottomless appetite, and has probably run off to find food. He tells you that you can probably lure him out with Venom Sacs gathered from various venomous creatures found throughout the Alik'r Desert.

You can kill Giant Scorpions or Assassin Beetles for this task. Assassin beetles (and a corpse) can be found at Morwha's Bounty, south of Sentinel. The scorpions are the closest, being at Ancestor's Landing. From the Sentinel Wayshrine, head west towards the cove. There are plenty of giant scorpions to kill for their precious venom sacs. There are also two scorpion corpses you can loot venom sacs off of; one of them is by the edge of the sea along the cliff, and the other is close to where that ridge begins, closer to Sentinel. Once you have three venom sacs, Go to Ogre's Bluff, a place east of Bergama. Go down into the little valley where the water is, and place the venom sacs down at the base of a cliff. Your little skinky friend will come running from the dunes, having smelled all the bitter venom you've set down for it to eat. When the Copper-Tongued Skink arrives on the scene, scoop it up and return to Jee-Lar in Shadowfen.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Taste for Toxins
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Jee-Lar told me that a trapper named Arlowe Viducia has copper-tongued skinks on hand. I should seek him out in the Redguard city of Sentinel.
Objective: Talk to Arlowe
The copper-tongued skink escaped! Arlowe insists that venom sacs from the assassin beetles and giant scorpions of Alik'r will lure the lizard back out of hiding. I should acquire three of these sacs.
Objective: Collect Venom Sacs: 0/3
I acquired the venom sacs. I should place them at the location Arlowe marked on the map.
Objective: Place the Venom Sacs
I lured the toxin-sniffing skink out with the venom sac. Now I just need to catch it.
Objective: Capture the Copper-Tongued Skink
Finishes quest☑ I caught the copper-tongued skink. I should deliver it to Jee-Lar.
Objective: Talk to Jee-Lar
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