Oblivion:Ugak gra-Mogakh

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Ugak gra-Mogakh
(RefID: 000545E0)
Home City Skingrad
Location Grateful Pass Stables
Race Orc Gender Female
Level 4 Class Ostler
RefID 000545E0 BaseID 00028F8D
Horses Bay Horses, 1000 gold
Other Information
Health 57 Magicka 105
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Skingrad Citizen; Skingrad Stables
Ugak gra-Mogakh in the Grateful Pass Stables outside Skingrad

Ugak gra-Mogakh is an Orc ostler, who sells bay horses at Grateful Pass Stables outside Skingrad.

Ugak lives a peaceful existence, selling horses and not doing much else. She spends the entire day inside the stables, sleeping between 10pm and 6am. She eats lunch between midday and 2pm, takes dinner from 6pm to 8pm, and spends the rest of the day wandering around the interior of the stables. The door to the stables will be unlocked every day between 8am and 8pm, even though Ugak will offer her services 24 hours a day if you pick the lock.

She carries her iron shortsword and some gold coins. Her attire consist of a quilted doublet, a pair of tan linens, and thick cowhide shoes.

Like anyone else in charge of selling horses, she tries to convince you that hers are the best: "You want a horse? I can sell you one. There are no finer Bay horses than those sold by the Grateful Pass Stables." and if she sees you as a potential customer, you will get the full sales speech: "Our Bay horses are faster than the Paint horses and tougher than the Chestnut. You'll be proud to own one." Should you change your mind and decline her offer, she will say: "Then I guess you'll be walking. If your feet get sore, come see me. I'll sell you a proper horse." If you accept, she will point you towards Tilmo: "It's a pleasure doing business with you. Tilmo has your horse waiting outside."

Ugak's sister, Mog gra-Mogakh, is the innkeeper at Two Sisters Lodge in the city. If you ask Mog about Ugak, she will give you the following description: "My sister Ugak gra-Mogakh runs the Grateful Pass Stables. She's the quiet one. I'm the talker." This might be true, but the Skingrad citizens still have a hard time telling them apart: "I saw Ugak gra-Mogakh earlier. At least, I think it was her. Perhaps it was her sister." and "Ugak has some good horses to sell. I sometimes can't tell her from her sister, though." Either way, everyone agrees that Ugak's horses are quality: "Well, if it was Ugak, you can be sure she had some good animals" and "The sisters are hard to tell apart. It's Ugak you'll want to find if you need a mount, though."


  • Due to her affiliation with the Lodge, and the possibility that she was once intended to run it jointly with her sister, Ugak will also have a few comments on the treasure hunters during Information at a Price: "Aye, they're staying here. Won't say how long they'll be in town, but as long as they keep payin', I ain't too worried. Eridor's the chap in charge. I've talked to him and Shamar; didn't catch the names of the other two. They'll be back around midnight, I think."
  • Ugak has many unused responses to the Skingrad topic, none of which are voiced. Under normal circumstances she would say "Maybe you'd better talk to my sister, Mog gra-Mogakh. She runs the Two Sisters Lodge. She's the talker in the family." If you would've reached anything more than stage 0 of Deliver the Amulet but hadn't yet reached stage 100 of Dagon Shrine, than her response would've been "I heard there's trouble on the Gold Road, near Kvatch... if you're heading that way." If you were on a stage equal or more than 100 in Dagon Shrine but hadn't reached stage 100 of Spies, than she would instead say "Gates are opening outside the towns all over Cyrodiil. One opened right here in Skingrad. [pending implementation and flag for Skingrad gate status]" This text makes it apparent that these lines were removed before Skingrad's oblivion gate was finalized. The last variation would've played once you were on stage 1 of Allies for Bruma and had not yet reached stage 100 of Light the Dragonfires: "You're the one who closed the Skingrad gate? You must be... the Hero of Kvatch."