Oblivion:Fisherman's Rock

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Fisherman's Rock
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Console Location Code(s)
North of Leyawiin, south of Fort Redman
Fisherman's Rock

Fisherman's Rock is a campsite north of Leyawiin containing NPCs (quest-related).

It is just south of Fort Redman, near the shore of the Lower Niben. The site consists of four large tents with bedrolls, two stools, four unusable seating mats, a large lit campfire, and seven non-respawning sacks containing clutter. Although the area is almost devoid of harvestable flora, a Nirnroot plant grows to the west between the shoreline and a pair of large rocks (which may have given the camp its name). During the main quest, an Oblivion Gate may open nearby to the southeast. The towers of Leyawiin to the south and the walls of the nearby fort to the north are visible on a clear day.

Mazoga the Orc and Mogens Wind-Shifter having a friendly chat

During the related quest, you will arrive at the camp accompanied by an Orc with an attitude problem, Mazoga the self-proclaimed knight. The camp will then be occupied by a gang of mercenaries led by Mogens Wind-Shifter. Mazoga, determined to avenge the murder of her friend Ra'vindra long ago, will boldly confront Mogens with his past crimes. As expected, the site will become a battlefield, with you and Mazoga fighting the four thugs.

Occupants (only during the related quest)


  • 7 Sacks (clutter; non-respawning)
  • 4 bedrolls


Related Quests[edit]


  • If you travel to the camp during the night (or if you sleep or wait there), the bandit outside Fort Redman will occupy one of the bedrolls, usually the one in the northwestern tent. This can also affect the related quest, resulting in an additional enemy to fight.