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Listed here are commonly used acronyms for Morrowind mods and modding tools. Rules for adding content:

  • The page is designed for players who are likely to be confused by an acronym that they've run across in the forums. If such confusion is not likely, or if expanding the acronym doesn't reduce confusion, then don't add the term.
  • Acronyms only. Terminology should be defined on the Glossary page. Or if more technical (useful to modders only) on the Glossary at TESCS Wiki.
  • Only list acronyms that are actually commonly used. (I.e. don't acronymize your favorite mod and post it here as advertising.)
  • Don't use evaluative terms like "popular". If it's not reasonably popular, then it shouldn't be here.
  • Sort alphabetically (alpha by acronym, not by full name).
  • Keep descriptions short. (One or two short sentences in almost all cases.)
Acronym Full Description
BAIN BAsh INstallers A mod package installer feature of Wrye Mash (backported from Wrye Bash).
BSA Bethesda Softworks Archive The extension and file format used to archive all art assets used by Morrowind into a single file. See BSA File Format for more information.
CS Construction Set The Elder Scrolls Construction Set, which is used to make mods.
CTD Crash to Desktop Morrowind crashes and quits.
DDS Direct Draw Surface The image format used by Morrowind for textures, icons, and all other graphics.
DLC Downloadable content Refers to the official plugins for Morrowind.
DV Deutsche Version Used when designating the German language version of a mod.
ESD Elder Scrolls Data File extension.
ESM Elder Scrolls Master File extension.
ESP Elder Scrolls Plugin File extension.
EV English Version Used when designating the English language version of a mod.
GotY or GOTY Game of the Year Edition Version with Tribunal and Bloodmoon included. Some versions also include additional minor plugins, see the link for more information.
HDR High Dynamic Range Graphics technique that allows a wider range of colors to be displayed. See this article for more information.
LGNPC Less Generic NPCs A mod project that expands dialogue and introduces quests for various otherwise generic characters in the game.
LOD or LoD Level of Detail The amount of detail displayed by the graphics engine.
MCP Morrowind Code Patch A project that aims to fix bugs and problems in Morrowind which are not addressable with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set.
MGE Morrowind Graphics Extender A modder's resource that expands the graphics capabilities of Morrowind.
MGE XE Morrowind Graphics Extender XE A modder's resource that expands the graphics capabilities of Morrowind. Based on MGE.
MPP Morrowind Patch Project An unofficial patch for Morrowind and its official plugins. Formerly Unofficial Morrowind Patch Project.
MR Morrowind Rebirth A total overhaul for Morrowind adding a lot of new locations, NPCs, creatures and items.
MWSE or MSE Morrowind Script Extender A modder's resource that expands the scripting capabilities of Morrowind.
NIF NetImmerse File The GameBryo file format for 3D meshes. See NifTools for more information.
NPC Non-Player Character A character that is part of the game environment.
OMW OpenMW An open-source re-implementation of Morrowind's engine, allowing the game to be played on other platforms (MacOS, Linux, etc.).
PC Player Character The character through which the player experiences the game.

Sometimes also used to mean "personal computer", in a clear context (e.g., "your PC needs a good video card").

P:C Province: Cyrodiil A province mod that aims to create all of Cyrodiil, following Morrowind's lore and scale. Sometimes appears without a colon, but this distinguishes it from the entry above.
PfP Patch for Purists An unofficial patch mod with the goal of fixing bugs while not introducing any controversial changes.
PT Project Tamriel An umbrella project for a group of province mods that coordinate with Tamriel Rebuilt to create the rest of Tamriel. The two mods with public releases are Skyrim: Home of the Nords and Province: Cyrodiil.
RELZ or relz Released A released mod. Usually used in the titles of forum topics to flag that the post is about a released mod. The trailing "Z" exists to increase the term to four letters as Bethsoft forum searches require at least four characters.
RTFM Read the F***ing/Fine Manual Blunt admonishment that an asked question is already answered in the manual/readme.

A less rude alternative is to ask: "How is the manual unclear?"

SHOTN or SHotN Skyrim: Home of the Nords A province mod that aims to create all of Skyrim, following Morrowind's lore and scale.
T_D or TD Tamriel Data The collection of assets used by Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel.
TES3MP TES3 Multiplayer A developmental multiplayer online version of OpenMW (see above).
TESAME TES Advanced Mod Editor Tool used by modders and advanced players.
TESPCD TES Plugin Conflict Detector Tool used by modders and advanced players.
TR Tamriel Rebuilt A province mod that aims to create the mainland of Morrowind. Not to be confused with UESP's use of TR to mean Tribunal.
UI User Interface All menus (e.g. Inventory) and other non game objects (e.g. compass, health bar) visible on screen. A mod changing them is therefore often called "UI mod".
UMP or UMPP Unofficial Morrowind Patch (Project) Now know as Morrowind Patch Project.
WCIF Where can I find ...? Indicates the thread is asking where to find a particular mod or a certain type of mod. On the Official Elder Scrolls Forums such questions ought to be directed to the current mod detectives (for a known mod that cannot be found) or mod psychics (for asking if a mod exists) thread. Please check the website first; it has archived a large number of mods from other sites before they went down.

"WCIF" can also be used with regard to where in the game something or someone can be found.

WIPZ or wipz Work In Progress Term for mods that are in development. The trailing "Z" exists to increase the term to four letters as Bethsoft forum searches require at least four characters.

"WIPZ" usually implies that the mod is actually in development (i.e. not just an idea), and that the mod is planned to be released (i.e. is not a private mod).