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Less Generic NPCs (often abbreviated as LGNPC) is a project that aims to replace Morrowind dialogue with more engaging conversations. The project tackles each town separately, and the team releases a separate plugin for each one.

A simultaneous download for all the mods is available. The town plugins are packaged together as separate .esps, not as a merged plugin.

Gameplay Information[edit]

  • Items — New items added by LGNPC
  • People — Changes to the people of Morrowind
  • Quests — New quests added by LGNPC

Miscellaneous Information[edit]

  • Promotional Content — Special promotional screenshots that were released alongside their corresponding plugin


The following modules are currently available:

  • Ald Velothi
  • Ald'ruhn
  • Ebonheart
  • Gnaar Mok
  • Hla Oad
  • Indarys Manor
  • Khuul
  • Maar Gan
  • Nolore
  • PAX Redoran
    • Soul Sickness Patch (Included in the latest versions of PAX Redoran)
  • Pelagiad
  • Secret Masters
  • Seyda Neen
  • Suran
  • Tel Mora
  • Tel Uvirith
  • Vivec Foreign Quarter
  • Vivec Redoran

Dialogue Only version[edit]

For compatibility reasons, a Dialogue Only version of LGNPC is provided. All changes to existing objects and cells have been removed. This also removes all LGNPC quests. What remains is only the less generic dialogue, hence the name.


  • The LGNPC website also hosts the download for ESParser, which is a tool for making mods. You do not need to have it installed to use LGNPC.
  • LGNPC is incompatible with most other content-heavy mods, such as Morrowind Rebirth. Therefore, it is recommended that you only use one of these large content mods, or look for patches.
    • Similarly, due to its size, a new game is recommended when using this mod.

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