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Tanusea Veloth (tanusea veloth)
Home City Vivec Arena
Location Arena Pit
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Level 7 Class Pilgrim
Other Information
Health 86 Magicka 94
Alarm 0 Fight 10
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple 3(Acolyte)
Tanusea Veloth

Tanusea Veloth is a Dark Elf pilgrim who can be found wandering around the spectator gallery in the Arena canton in Vivec. She has contracted Corprus, and the Temple would like her to leave the city so that she doesn't spread the disease to others.

She wears a common shirt with matching skirt and she carries a small amount of random gold. Aside from her natural resistance to fire, the attribute changes caused by Corprus, and the sanctuary provided by her ancestors, she knows no spells.

Related Quests[edit]

Tribunal Temple[edit]


  • Background: "I am Tanusea Veloth, Pilgrim and Acolyte of the Temple."
  • Leave Vivec City: "Why should I leave?"
    • You have the Divine Disease. "I have heard others make these claims. Why should I believe you? Am I disfigured? Do I look as if I have Corprus? If you were more pious, perhaps I would listen to you. I doubt you have even read "Saryoni's Sermons.""
    • Quote from Saryoni's Sermons. "Enough. You do not need to quote from your copy of "Saryoni's Sermons." I will do as you ask and go to the Corprusarium."
    • Do this as a favor for me.
      • "I believe my place is here in Vivec City. I will not leave just because some stranger with bad manners asks me to."
      • "I believe my place is here in Vivec City. You have not yet persuaded me otherwise."
      • "I believe you are a decent %PCRace at heart. I will go to the Corprusarium because you have asked me so kindly."
    • "I will go to the Corprusarium. Give me time. I am an old woman."
    • "Yes, I left Vivec City as you asked. I have been treated well. Divayth Fyr has been studying me, and I have been trying to teach him the ways of the Temple. If it is the will of the Tribunal, perhaps he will find a cure… Or perhaps I can convince him of the truth in the Tribunal's teachings."
  • Nalvilie Saren: "Yes, I remember her. We grew up together in Vivec. She always had a man on each arm."


  • Tanusea Veloth belongs to the Veloth family, which has their own ancestral tomb.
  • If you convince Tanusea to leave Vivec, you can later find her in Tel Fyr.


  • If you kill her, you may contract Corprus that even Divayth Fyr can't cure, and your Main Quest is ruined.
  • Sometimes she does not appear in the Arena.
    • On PC To place her in the proper location, go to the Arena Canton and use the console command: PlaceAtPC "Tanusea Veloth",1,20,1.