Morrowind:Rollie the Guar

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Rollie the Guar (guar_rollie_unique)
Location Ascadian Isles Region, [3,-7]
Species Guar Soul Petty (10)
Level 3 Type Beasts
  • 10−25 pts / 5−10 pts / 5−8 pts melee
Other Information
Health 38 Magicka 0
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Follower During A Man and His Guar
  • 5 Expensive Shirts
  • 5 Exquisite Pants
  • 3 Exquisite Robes
  • 5 Exquisite Shirts
  • 5 Exquisite Shoes
  • 3 Exquisite Skirts
Rollie the Guar

Rollie the Guar is the pack guar of Teris Raledran, whom you will meet outside of Vivec in the Ascadian Isles region. He will follow Teris as far as Vivec's city limits during the A Man and His Guar quest. Afterwards, he will stay there indefinitely (unless he is Commanded to move). While there is dialogue available with Rollie, it does not involve anything more than simply petting him. Interacting with him will display one of the following messages:

[Rollie says nothing to you at this time.]
[Rollie seems about to speak, but then thinks better of it.]
[Rollie gazes at you with soulful eyes, but says nothing.]
[Rollie, being a deep thinker, has no words for now.]
[Rollie thinks twice and says nothing.]

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