Morrowind:Molag Grunda

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Molag Grunda (winged twilight_grunda_)
(lore page)
Location Dubdilla, Uncharted Caverns, Lower
Species Winged Twilight Soul Grand (350)
Level 20 Type Daedra
  • 20-55pts melee
Other Information
Health 260 Magicka 250
Molag Grunda

Molag Grunda is a winged twilight in Dubdilla's lower uncharted caverns, directly south of Vos. Her lover, Nomeg Gwai, is a lowly frost atronach.

Molag Grunda's father, Molag Bal, doesn't think too much of her and wants them both killed so he can punish his daughter for eternity.

Related Quests[edit]


  • She has a few more HP, a higher soul value, and hits harder than a regular winged twilight.
  • The Dissident Priests claim the story of Vivec having children with Molag Bal is impossible as Daedra "can't create life" (a claim also noted in Aedra and Daedra). Molag Grunda's existence contradicts this, and lends weight to the rumors mentioned in Notes on Racial Phylogeny that men and mer may breed with daedra. Alternatively, she may just be adopted as winged twilights are typically found in Azura's domain.
  • Molag Grunda also appears in ESO.