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Console Location Code(s)
Ascadian Isles, [6,-14]

Ansi is a bandit cave on the southern end of the big island directly east of the Palace in Vivec. The entrance is just up over a small hill from the shoreline on the western side of the tip of the island.

The interior of the cave

There are six hostile bandits here, including one spellcaster. In the southernmost room the assassin, Tuvenie, is up on a platform that has no ladder. To fight her in melee combat requires a very high jump or levitation. The other options are spells and ranged weapons.

The random loot here includes gold, gems, clothing, jewelry, armor, weapons, soul gems, magic items, potions, scrolls, books, various sundries, alchemical ingredients, moon sugar, skooma, ash statues and possibly a full set of bonemold armor.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Bolvus Ieneth Male Dunmer Archer 11 110 96 0 90
Kanet Female Redguard Warrior 13 158 80 0 90
Llondresa Reloth Female Dunmer Rogue 13 113 100 0 90
Lunia Menanius Female Imperial Warrior 13 153 100 0 90
Taves Aralen Male Dunmer Battlemage 15 111 162 0 90
Tuvenie Varam Female Dunmer Assassin 11 88 128 0 90


Ansi, interior map