Morrowind:Absorb Skill

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MW-icon-effect-Absorb Skill.jpg Absorb Skill
School Mysticism
Type Offensive
Base Cost 2
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Absorb Skill M points for D seconds

Temporarily lowers one of the skills of the target, by M points for D seconds, and raises the same skill of the caster by the same amount and duration. When the effect expires, both parties' skills return to their previous values.

The effect is unused in the game or its expansions, and is not available to (or against) players by any means [outside of third-party mods]. A single test item, the mace Clutterbane, appears with it in the CS, but cannot be obtained without a Console cheat, nor used without another one.

Related Effects[edit]

Alchemy Ingredients[edit]

No ingredients in the game or its expansions have this effect, so you cannot make a potion that has it.