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Uncle Leo
Race Unknown Gender Male
Resided in Tamriel, Shivering Isles
Appears in Shivering Isles, ESO

Uncle Leo is an undead plaything of Sheogorath. His true origins are unknown, as he is associated with several different tales which involve his gruesome end at the hands of the Mad God.

According to one story recounted by Sheogorath himself, in life Leo was a handsome and promiscuous mortal man who had a girl in every city from Windhelm to Stormhold. However, his looks faded with age, and he grew insane from lack of female attention. Sheogorath offered to restore Leo's youth, but in return he was forbidden from bedding the same woman twice. Leo agreed, but a few years later fell in love with a woman named Mjoll. He assumed that his contract with the Mad God would be forfeit if he married; instead, his skin melted off like wax on his wedding night and he became Sheogorath's.[1]

Another tale involves a pair of silver-framed amber spectacles, which Sheogorath gave to a sage who wanted to understand the absolute truth of the world around him. However, upon seeing the world through the spectacles, the sage flung himself from the highest tower in Wayrest. Although cracked from the fall, this dangerous relic became known as Uncle Leo's Spectacles and continued to plague the mortals of Tamriel.[2]

After his death, Sheogorath brought Leo to the Shivering Isles, where he reformed as a gigantic Flesh Atronach. He became a guest in the Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent in Dementia. Leo began to fall in love with the rats there, which Sheogorath regarded as an embarrassment. In 2E 582, the Mad God sent a member of the Mages Guild to kill the atronach for his own amusement.[1] That same year, the Guild's Order of the Eye tracked down and recovered Uncle Leo's Spectacles from the Bonesnap Ruins in Stormhaven after the relic mysteriously appeared on Tamriel due to the ongoing Planemeld.[2] By 3E 433, Sheogorath had resurrected Uncle Leo as a decaying zombie. He lived in Crucible with an Altmer madwoman named Muurine. He was seemingly able to communicate with Muurine, and was very concerned by the death of the first Gatekeeper of the Fringe. That year, Leo's arm fell off and Muurine was executed for treason against Lady Syl.[3]

Uncle Leo is also associated with another grisly artifact known as Uncle Leo's Choker, a foul smelling discoloured leather choker which appears to be made from human skin.[4]


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