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Ria Silmane
Ria Silmane in spirit form
Race Unknown[nb 1] Gender Female
Died 3E 389
Previous Ruler Jagar Tharn
Next Ruler Ocato
Resided in Imperial Province
Appears in Arena
"You have done more than a hero could be asked. This is the final step of a long journey. Take heart and go forward with my blessings. I thank you, in the Emperor's name." - Ria Silmane's final words[1]
Silmane murdered by Jagar Tharn

Ria Silmane was the apprentice of Jagar Tharn, who sought to disappear and impersonate Emperor Uriel Septim VII. To avoid suspicion of his own disappearance, Tharn convinced the Emperor that he was going to take a leave of absence to pursue magical studies, and the Elder Council to allow Silmane to take his place as the Imperial Battle Mage of Tamriel.[2] After Tharn accomplished this goal, he murdered Ria with the Staff of Chaos when she attempted to warn the Elder Council of his plot. However, her ghost appeared to King Eadwyre in a dream and revealed to him that the true Emperor had been kidnapped by Tharn and imprisoned in an alternate dimension.[3]

Ria kept her spirit bound to the mortal plane via her magic; yet her magicka reserves were constantly draining, limiting the time she had left. Ria could still cast magic, but it drained her energy even further. She aided the Eternal Champion in escaping the Imperial Prison by opening a shift gate and tracking down all eight pieces of the shattered Staff of Chaos. She did not have a corporeal form, and she communicated largely through dreams and visions. She used up the last of her magicka by using a spell of altering which changed the appearance of the Champion so that the guards posted outside the Imperial Palace would be fooled and allow him entry. By doing this she sacrificed herself to ensure that Jagar Tharn would be brought to justice.[1]


  • 1  Series writer and designer Ted Peterson created a High Elf royal character named Venevria Estacirce for Loranna's RP campaigning, where he mentions that Venevria is the niece of Ria Silmane and was named after her. Under the rules of genetics as presented in Notes on Racial Phylogeny, which Ted Peterson subscribes to (as a way to explain why there aren't more half-races and characters with multiracial features from a gameplay perspective), Venevria Estracirce would have inherited the race of her mother (i.e. High Elf), who in turn would have inherited the race of her mother (i.e. High Elf), as Ria Silmane bears the surname of "Silmane" and not "Estacirce," we can deduce that Venevria's relationship to Ria is by her mother's line (Silmane) and not her fathers (Estacirce). By this logic, Ria Silmane's race would match that of her sister's and mother's, and Ria herself would be Altmeri.[UOL 1] However, this deduction hasn't had solid confirmation one way or the other.
  • Unused text for importing a character from Arena into Daggerfall describes Ria as an "enchantress" and "one of the Elders of the Imperial Council".

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