Lore:Razum-dar's Journal, Chapter 9

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Razum-dar's Journal, Chapter 9
Razum-dar's report on the Mirror Court of the Proxy Queen

Raz looks up at the stern Justiciar, who is both tall and wide. "This one is under arrest? On what charge?" The Justiciar curls his lip and says, "I've studied the dossiers of every Khajiiti 'guest' currently in Alinor, and your description doesn't match any of them. You're nebarra. Get inside!" He gestures at the ornate door of the Divine Prosecution, where Raz wanted to go anyway, so this one shrugs and says, "If we must." The Justiciar leads Raz to a cell, but Raz decides the officer looks tired.

This one uses a Goutfang choke-hold to put the Justiciar to sleep, borrows the keys in his pouch, and locks him in the cell. He looks so peaceful that tired Raz almost wishes he could join him, but there is work to do. The Clairvoyeur leads this one to a staircase and up to the top floor, to the office of the Bureaureeve of the Divine Prosecution. And who should Raz meet coming out but the long-sought Penewen herself! Razum-dar smiles, but Penewen scowls and pulls out a strange device.