Lore:Razum-dar's Journal, Chapter 10

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Razum-dar's Journal, Chapter 10
Razum-dar's report on the Mirror Court of the Proxy Queen

This one recognizes Penewen's device as Seht's Affect Inducer, and as Razum-dar does not wish to be overwhelmed by despair or besotted with love, he avoids the violet beam it emits and unleashes a Rawlith Khaj double roundhouse. His heel knocks the Inducer from Penewen's hand, and his fist knocks her senseless—or it should have, but she unexpectedly dodges, and the blow just rips a jeweled brooch from her collar. Her entire appearance ripples and then changes. And Raz sees that Penewen is really the Prosecution's High Magistrate Rinwaray.

This is very bad because Rinwaray is an extremely dangerous person, and Raz hesitates for a split second. Which is all the extremely dangerous Rinwaray needs to envelop him in a Frost Shroud, a spell that paralyzes a suspect in place for most of a minute. The High Magistrate steps back, crosses her arms, and takes a moment to admire this one, frozen in an awkward and frankly unflattering posture. "My, my," she finally says. "The great Razum-dar, caught so easily. And wearing such an amateurish disguise, too. It's disappointing."

Raz is also disappointed, but cannot express it. Rinwaray fills the gap by continuing her monologue. "However your day is done. Once I render the Proxy Queen my emotional slave, I'll replace her advisors one by one with my Mirror Court—and with you out of the way, it will be child's play for my Justiciars to find and eliminate your Eyes. Then, if anything should... happen... to Ayrenn, I'll be there to ensure Alinarwe [sic] assumes the throne, under my guidance. Then the Altmer will abandon foreign entanglements."

"But you won't be there to see it." And she draws a black stiletto. But as Your Majesty has already guessed, since it was she who gave Raz his Amulet of Emancipation, this one was only shamming his paralysis. With a sudden Whispering Fang backhand blow, Rinwaray is disarmed, and the follow-up temple punch knocks her unconscious. And that is why the former High Magistrate of the Divine Prosecution now awaits Your Majesty's judgement in the lower oubliette of Alinor's Royal Palace. Bright moons! Razum-dar likes stories with happy endings.