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Race and Gender Khajiit Male
Born 2nd Era
Appears in ESO

Razum-dar (or Raz by his companions) was a Khajiit spy that was alive during the Interregnum in the Second Era. Razum-dar was well-known during this time, he was a member of the Eyes of the Queen, the secret intelligence network that served Queen Ayrenn of the First Aldmeri Dominion. Razum-dar is known for his cunningness, adaptability, and charisma. With these skills, Razum-dar knows how to maneuver through any sort of situation to his advantage, such as turning a serious situation into a comical one, or outmaneuver a swindler trying to scam him.[1]


Razum-dar's early history before being a part of the First Aldmeri Dominion is largely unknown. Razum-dar was a wandering mercenary, which is how he garnered his reputation. During this time, he met the Morag Tong assassin, Naryu Virian. At one point, Razum-dar had met Ayrenn during her time traveling the mainland, either in Wayrest or Whiterun. The story involved a drunken schoolmarm and a purple velvet dress.[2] Eventually, by 2E 582, Razum-dar was a member of the Eyes of the Queen, being involved in several events such as the exploits of the Veiled Heritance in both Auridon and Greenshade, the ascension of the Lunar Champions into the Mane in Reaper's March,[3] investigating a wide-spread murderer in the Gold Coast,[4] and uncovering a Daedric plot at the Summerset Isle.[5]

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