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Nettlebane (Skyrim)

The Nettlebane is a crudely-engraved Ebony dagger that was crafted by Hagravens of Skyrim, built with the intention to harm the natural world and thus perform sacrifices on Spriggans. It has the ability to damage ancient flora older than metal, such as the Eldergleam, one of the oldest living things in Skyrim.[1][2]

It is unknown when the Nettlebane was created, but the Hagravens of Orphan Rock used it to sacrifice Spriggans as of 4E 201. When the Gildergreen in Whiterun was dying, the priestess of Kynareth, Danica Pure-Spring enlisted the help of a wandering traveler to retrieve the Nettlebane from Orphan Rock and use it to acquire a piece of the Eldergleam. The warrior raided the witches' coven and obtained the Nettlebane. It is unknown whether they used it to sample the tree or not but the Gildergreen was restored.[3]


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