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Lord Kain
DF-npc-Lord Kain (face).png
Lord Kain ca. 3E 405
Race Man Gender Male
Died 3rd Era
Resided in Lainlyn, Phrygias, Battlehorn Castle
Appears in Daggerfall, Oblivion

Lord Kain (sometimes spelled Khane) was a noble knight from the Barony of Lainlyn, in the province of Hammerfell. Lord Kain was the younger brother of Baron Shrike, who ruled over his domain with an iron fist. Kain was one of his most outspoken critics, and together with Lord Harth, they formed the Knights of the True Horn.


Lord Kain was the younger brother of Baron Shrike, who ruled over Lainlyn around 3E 405. Together with Lord Harth, a noble of the Dragontail Mountains, he created the Knights of the True Horn, whose name is a subtle attack on Shrike's knightly order, the Host of the Horn. Lord Kain resided in the remote Lainlyn town of Gysotuara and in the province of High Rock, where the Knights were gathering themselves for the inevitable rebellion.[1] He specifically lived in the Barony of Phrygias.[2]

Sometime later, Lord Kain gathered his forces and staged a coup d'etat in Lainlyn, in the attempt to dethrone Baron Shrike. However, he was defeated and gave his order the message that they would reunite later some other place. Lord Kain died shortly after the battle, but was encountered by a Breton necromancer named Arielle Jurard. Through the dark arts of Necromancy, Lord Kain came back to life and left with Jurard, to meet with the remaining Knights at Battlehorn Castle, a stronghold in the Colovian Highlands of Cyrodiil.[3]

When the arrived at Battlehorn Castle, they were greeted by Lord Jaren, who noticed Kain's gruesome condition. Lord Kain moved like an old man, lacking the power to properly speak, heavily-covered in a cloak, and leaving a foul odor in his wake. When Lord Jaren learned about his true condition and Jurard's deed, he tricked the necromancer to tend Kain in the underground grotto. Lord Jaren and Lord Garridan buried the two in the grotto, where they remained for several decades and became the True Horn's darkest secret.[3] Many years later in 3E 433, Lord Kelvyn passed Battlehorn Castle to the Champion of Cyrodiil,[4] who uncovered the grotto and defeated the Lich, Arielle Jurard and the undying warrior, Lord Kain.[5]



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