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Baron Shrike
DF-npc-Baron Shrike (face).png
Baron Shrike ca. 3E 405
Race Man Gender Male
Resided in Lainlyn
Appears in Daggerfall

This article is about the Baron of Lainlyn. For the Daedra also called "Shrike", see Nocturnal Shrike.

Baron Shrike was the ruthless tyrannical leader of the Barony of Lainlyn, within the province of Hammerfell. Shrike ruled over Lainlyn with an iron fist, imposing heavy taxes and bullying his people through his knightly order, the Host of the Horn.[1] His wife was Baroness Dh'emka and his younger brother was Lord Kain, who greatly disapproved of his older brother's deeds.

Baron Shrike was the leader of Lainlyn as earliest as 3E 405. He ruled his domain with an iron fist and bullied his people through the Host of the Horn, the sworn protectors of Lainlyn. His actions were greatly disapproved, among them was the court healer, Br'itsa, but especially from his younger brother, Lord Kain. Because of this, Lord Kain and Lord Harth created the Knights of the True Horn, to eventually overthrow the Baron. Lord Harth is against the Baron for unknown personal reasons.[2]

Sometime later, Lord Kain and his Knights of the True Horn mustered the strength to dethrone Baron Shrike in a coup d'etat, however, they were annihilated and left mortally defeated. Lord Kain's order had split with the hope that they would reunite, but he later passed away, not long after the battle.[3] The Baron continued to rule over Lainlyn for an unknown amount of time. In 3E 417, the Warp in the West occurred and the Barony of Lainlyn was absorbed into the Kingdom of Sentinel,[4] what became of the Baron during this time is unclear.



  • While it is unknown which faction Baron Shrike was a member of, Lainlyn has historically been dominated by the Crowns.[UOL 1]

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