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Three unique creatures are added by the Fighter's Stronghold plugin: Arielle Jurard, Lord Kain and Hjalti. They are based, respectively, on a Lich, Skeleton and Wolf.

Arielle Jurard[edit]

Arielle Jurard

This article is about the creature added by the Fighters Stronghold plug-in. For the NPC in the original game, see Arielle Jurard.

In life, Arielle Jurard was a Breton battlemage of 'sinister reputation' [1] and a secret devotee of Mannimarco. She attempted to restore Lord Kain to life after he was slain in battle, but her actions horrified Kain's knights and they imprisoned the pair in the Battlehorn Castle Grotto. Over time she has changed into a Nether Lich.

Lord Kain[edit]

Lord Kain

Lord Kain was the leader of the Knights of the True Horn and was killed in battle against their enemy Baron Shrike of Lainlyn [1][2]. An attempt by the necromancer Arielle Jurard to restore him to life failed[3] resulting in his becoming, to all intents and purposes, a Skeleton Hero. He still carries his unique sword and shield.

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Also see Hjalti for more information.

Hjalti is the pet of Niels, Battlehorn Castle's blacksmith.

Note: Tiber Septim was once called "Hjalti".


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