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A statue of Duchess Martinne Guimard

House Guimard is an aristocratic family of High Rock that claims to have resided in Evermore since the port was founded in 1E 983, three years after the fall of Orsinium.[1][2] Though earlier accounts of the family are purportedly locked away in their castle vaults, they were publicly documented when High Rock entered into the Alessian Empire in 1E 1029. A citation in the Decretal of Fiefdoms made by Empress Hestra mentions "Barron Guy Marde of ye Rivver Banke".[1]

Baron-Captain Olsien Guy Mard sailed in the All Flags Navy in 1E 2260.[1] Baroness Falinne Guimard is remembered for defending Bangkorai against the Alessian Legions in 1E 2305 (a victory celebrated on "Sovereignty Day" in High Rock).[1][3] Duchess Martinne Guimard famously bought the Systres Archipelago in 1E 2327 for an undisclosed amount of money. She was described as the canniest ruler of her time and established her wealth through the market, via shrewd business tactics and smuggling. House Guimard sought to exploit the Systres culturally and even named the main island after the Breton's ancestral homeland, High Isle. The house ruled the region for a century and a half but fell from the limelight after a jilted marriage proposal.[4][5]

The exploits of Baron Fulvert Guimard during the second sacking of Orsinium in 2E 431 resulted in the lands of House Guimard being recognized as a duchy.[1] Evermore was sacked in 2E 542, and the royal family was left without an heir. Duke Blaise Guimard led the Knights of Saint Pelin in the charge that eventually retook the city. As a result, he was elected to the throne by the nobles of Bangkorai and became King Blaise of Evermore.

Blaise's son Eamond married Arzhela, cousin of High King Emeric of Wayrest, and they ascended to the throne upon Blaise's death in 2E 568. Eamond and Arzhela had two children, Elara and Adrien,[1] although both were thought to have been killed along with their father in 2E 582 when the Reachmen attacked Evermore. Adrien was briefly raised as undead by Daedric influence before his burial and Elara lingered in the Viridian Woods, kept alive by Stenwick Gurles to replace him as the next Viridian Sentinel. However, it is unknown if she survived the ritual. Arzhela subsequently assumed the throne, and prevented Evermore from falling to either the Reachmen or the Empire.[6]

Famous Members[edit]

  • Queen Arzhela
  • King Blaise Guimard
  • King Eamond Guimard
  • Baroness Falinne Guimard
  • Baron Fulvert Guimard
  • Barron [sic] Guy Marde of ye Rivver Banke
  • Duchess Martinne Guimard
  • Baron-Captain Olsien Guy Mard