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Queen Arzhela
ON-npc-Queen Arzhela.jpg
Queen Arzhela
Race Breton Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Resided in Evermore
Appears in ESO

Queen Arzhela was a Breton queen and ruler of Evermore in the mid-Second Era. She was a cousin of High King Emeric. She was married to Eamond, of house House Guimard. They ascended to the throne upon Eamond's father's death in 2E 568. The couple had two children, Elara and Adrien. In 2E 582, after Eamond died in battle, both Adrien and Elara were believed to have died as well, leaving Arzhela in mourning and the rightful ruler of Evermore.

Eamond's brother Duke Renchant was appointed regent after Queen Arzhela stepped down to allow him to lead the city's defense against the Reachman invasion.[1] During this time, while Eamond was remembered fondly, the rest of the royal family were slandered in what was likely Imperial propaganda.[2] However, the Duke was removed from power after his plot to surrender the city to the Imperial forces was revealed, whereupon Arzhela assumed the responsibilities of leadership. [3] Arzhela prevented Evermore from falling to either the Reachmen or the Empire.[4]

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