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Map of Tamriel

There are eight races in Daggerfall, each of which hails from a particular province within Tamriel. There are actually nine provinces in Tamriel; however, no specific race is associated with the Imperial Province. (The Imperial race was not conceived until Redguard. In addition, Orcs were not considered to be a proper race until Morrowind; in Daggerfall, they are treated as humanoid creatures.)

When you are creating your character, you will be asked to select one of eight provinces, which will determine your race. Note that the only gameplay effect of choosing a race - regardless of whether a custom or predefined class is chosen, and regardless of the character's selected gender - will be each race's "Special Advantage" as listed below. The race and gender attribute modifiers listed in the "Table of Racial Starting Statistics" of the Daggerfall Chronicles were not actually implemented in the game.

The game treats Lycanthropes and Vampires as races. Therefore, they are included at the bottom of the list.

Base Races[edit]


Argonian male PC
Argonian female PC
In-game Description
"Argonians hail from the province of Black Marsh. You are part of a highly-evolved race of reptiles, known for their intelligence, agility, and speed. Because of their reptilian nature, Argonians do not tire easily when swimming. While many Argonians have successfully mastered the arts of thievery and spellcasting, there are some regarded well as warriors."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"The strange reptilian people of Black Marsh I seem equally comfortable in the water — surely no other race of Tamriel can swim faster or for longer than Argonians. An intelligent, quick-footed, and agile people, Argonians often train in magery and thievery."
  • Argonian Special Advantage:
    • Reduced Fatigue loss while swimming; can hold breath longer than other races
Argonian Exclamations
  • "Swamp Devil"
  • "Mire of Murkwood"
  • "By the Gods"
  • "By the Throne of Aphicles"
  • "By the Blades of Fate"
  • "By the Lonely One"
  • "Host of Stormhold"
  • "By the Swamp Spirit"
  • "By the Mother-goddess"
  • "Bogfire"


Breton female PC
Breton male PC
In-game Description
"Bretons hail from the province of High Rock. You are part of a tall, fair-skinned people, highly intelligent and willful. Magic seems to infuse the very being of the Breton people. As a race, they are more resistant to the effects of hostile magic than any other group, and thus are excellent in all arcane arts."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"Highly intelligent and willful, the Bretons have a natural bond with the forces of magicka. Many great sorcerers have come out of High Rock, and even the humblest Breton can boast a high resistance to the destructive powers of magicka."
  • Breton Special Advantage:
    • +30% Resistance to Magic
Breton Exclamations
  • "By Starfall's Waters"
  • "Bless My Lord"
  • "By the Crypt"
  • "Death Be Damned"
  • "By My Lady"
  • "By the Mists"
  • "By the Wolf"
  • "By the Dark Lord"
  • "Spirits of High Rock"
  • "By Pelagius"
  • "Madness"
  • "By the Dragon"
  • "Damn the Dragon"
Make good Healers and Mages

Dark Elf[edit]

Dark Elf male PC
Dark Elf female PC
In-game Description
"Dark Elves hail from the province of Morrowind. You are part of a tall, dark-skinned people, known to be extremely strong, intelligent, and quick. They are extremely versatile in all manners of skills and well-known as warriors and mages."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"The dusky, fire-eyed Dark Elves of Morrowind are a strong, intelligent, and quick-Footed people. They are legendary sorcerers and warriors, with a prowess with sword and bow rivaling that of the Redguards and Wood Elves."
  • Dark Elf Special Advantage:
    • Bonus Damage and Chance To Hit = Level / 4
Dark Elf Exclamations
  • "By the Black Isle"
  • "By the Dark Ones"
  • "By the Fires of Dagoth-Ur"
  • "By the Mad Queen"
  • "By the Black Maw"
  • "Dark Goddess Protect Us"
  • "By the Night"
  • "Soul of the Black Knight"
  • "By the Soulless One"
  • "Fireblood"
Make good Rangers, Archers and Warriors

High Elf[edit]

High Elf male PC
High Elf female PC
In-game Description
"High Elves hail from the province of Sumurset Isle. You are part of a tall, golden-skinned people, extremely intelligent, agile, and willful. The magical nature of Sumurset Isle has made the High Elves natural spellcasters who are immune to paralysing [sic] poisons and spells."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"The tall, golden-skinned High Elves are easily equal to Bretons in sorcerous ability due to their high intelligence, force of will, and agility. They are more susceptible to spells than the people of High Rock, but by their nature are completely immune to paralyzation."
High Elf Exclamations
  • "By the Highest One"
  • "By the White Crystal"
  • "By the Wood of Elborn"
  • "By the Blue Divide"
  • "Faerielight"
  • "By the Otherworld"
  • "First Spirit of Tamriel"
  • "Blade of Cassimoran"
  • "Crystals of Sumurset"
  • "By the First Spirit"
Make good Healers and Sorcerers


Khajiit male PC
Khajiit female PC
In-game Description
"Khajiit hail from the province of Elsweyr. You are part of a tawny-skinned people, extremely hardy, intelligent, and agile. Many Khajiit have taken to painting their faces to more resemble their legendary feline cousins, the predatory cats that hunt the great desert. Khajiit are on the whole excellent climbers, and adept in all the arts of the thief."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"Descended from the great cats of the desert, the Khajiit are an agile, intelligent, and hardy people. Some chose to decorate their faces in the style of their feline ancestors, And most all, given the inclination, make excellent thieves due to their climbing abilities."
  • Khajiit Special Advantage:
    • +30 to Climbing checks
Khajiit Exclamations
  • "By the Rat-god"
  • "Whore of Alizahad"
  • "Dust of Orcrest"
  • "By the Sands of Elsweyr"
  • "By the Blessed Water"
  • "By the Hand of Ibrahad"
  • "Desert Sun"
  • "By the Dry Heart"
  • "By the Water of Life"
  • "Devil of the Sands"


Nord male PC
Nord female PC
In-game Description
"Nords hail from the province of Skyrim. You are part of a tall and fair-skinned people, strong, willful, and hardy. Owing to the climate of Skyrim, Nords are resistant to the coldest of temperatures, and take little damage even from ice-based magical attacks. Nords are historically well-suited to all the arts of the warrior."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"The citizens of Skyrim are a tall and fair-haired people. Strong, willful, and hardy, Nords are famous for their resistance to cold, even magical frost, and are known for their prowess as warriors."
  • Nord Special Advantage:
    • +30% Resistance to Frost
Nord Exclamations
  • "By Thorig's Beard"
  • "By Olfor's Hammer"
  • "By the White Wolf"
  • "By the Frozen Wastes"
  • "By the Hoarfather"
  • "Mother of the Ice"
  • "Frostfire"
  • "By the Cliffs of Solitude"
  • "By the Northern Sea"
  • "By the Beard of Thorig"
Make good Knights, Barbarians and Warriors


Redguard male PC
Redguard female PC
In-game Description
"Redguards hail from the province of Hammerfell. You are part of a dark-skinned people, extremely hardy and quick. Legend has it that the Redguard are innately more proficient with weaponry than any other race. In general, Redguards make excellent warriors."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel, the dark Redguards of Hammerfell seem to have been created for battle. In addition to their affinity for weaponry, Redguards are blessed with hardy constitutions and quickness of foot."
  • Redguard Special Advantage:
    • Bonus Damage and Chance To Hit = Level / 3
Redguard Exclamations
  • "By the Dragon's Teeth"
  • "Dragon's Teeth"
  • "Cursed Darvak"
  • "By My Father's Name"
  • "By Rourken"
  • "By the Great Hammer"
  • "By the Dwarf-King"
  • "Beard of the Dwarf-King"
  • "By the Guardian's Blood"
  • "By the First Wyrm"
  • "Spirit Sword"
  • "By the Blade"
  • "By Divad"
  • "By Katrica"
  • "By The Maiden"
  • "By Frandar"
  • "Stendarr Preserve Us"
  • "By The Sun"

Wood Elf[edit]

Wood Elf male PC
Wood Elf female PC
In-game Description
"Wood Elves hail from the province of Valenwood. You are part of a tall, fair-skinned people known to be extremely agile and quick. Wood Elves have a natural affinity for the bow and arrow, and all members of their race have some ability with that weapon. There are well-known Wood Elves in most every class, but the arts of thievery are their particular forte."
Daggerfall's User Guide Description
"The finest archers in Tamriel, the Wood Elves of Valenwood are nimble and as quick as the wind. Because of their curious natures and natural agility, Wood Elves often become thieves."
  • Wood Elf Special Advantage:
    • Bonus Damage and Chance To Hit for Archery = Level / 3
Wood Elf Exclamations
  • "By the Elden Grove"
  • "By the Timber Spirits"
  • "By the Lore of Wood"
  • "By Mistria's Curse"
  • "Spirits of the Wood"
  • "Faeries of the Grove"
  • "By Caliron's Heart"
  • "By the Root"
  • "Fire of Eldenroot"
  • "By the Fire"
Make good Archers

Other Races[edit]


  • Werewolf
  • Wereboar

The benefits and drawbacks of Lycanthropy are described in the Lycanthropy article.


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