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The character sheet displays your character's stats, skills, affiliations, and other vital information. You can access the character sheet from the main screen by clicking on your character portrait or pressing the F5 key.

Character Sheet[edit]

Character sheet for an Argonian sorceress

The character sheet is laid out with your character's vital information on the left, current attribute scores in the center, and a character portrait displaying any currently equipped weapons, armor, or clothing.

  • Name: your name. You can edit it at any time using this box.
  • Race: your race. This cannot be changed.
  • Class: your character class. This also cannot be changed.
  • Level: your current character level.
  • Gold: how much gold you currently have on hand. This is the sum of all gold pieces and letters of credit in your inventory; any gold you have deposited in a bank will not be shown here.
  • Fatigue: your current and maximum fatigue.
  • Health: your current and maximum hit point total. Clicking this button displays any diseases you may be suffering from.
  • Encumbrance: the total weight of all items in your inventory, out of your maximum carrying capacity. You will be unable to pick up an item if doing so would increase your encumbrance over the maximum. However, if your maximum encumbrance is lowered due to attribute damage, you will still be able to carry anything currently in your inventory.
  • Affiliations: lists all factions to which you currently belong, and your rank in each.
  • Skills:
    • Primary: lists the three primary skills of your character class and your proficiency in them.
    • Major: lists the three major skills of your character class and your proficiency in them.
    • Minor: lists the six minor skills of your character class and your proficiency in them.
    • Miscellaneous: lists the remaining 23 skills and your proficiency in them, and how much damage you inflict when fighting unarmed.

Below your stats are four buttons. "Inventory", "Spellbook", and "Log" open these respective menus, as on the main screen. Clicking "History" allows you to view the backstory generated for your character.