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The green bar represents Health

Health is a measure of how injured you are, with full health representing a lack of any current injuries. Your health is given in hit points, and represented on the game screen as a green bar. If your hit points fall to zero, you die, and your game is over (with one notable exception).

Health and Hit Points[edit]

Hit points are lost due to injury, and regained through spells, rest, potions, or other means. NPCs in Temples will restore the health of members that meet their rank requirements. Buying food in a tavern also restores a small amount of health.

Maximum health is increased each time you gain a level. Upon leveling up, you gain a random number of additional hit points from a range determined by your character class. Your hit point total is also influenced by your Endurance attribute. Your maximum health can also drop due to certain common diseases or if you fail to hunt innocents as a lycanthrope.

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