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This category contains all merchants who buy/sell either Lockpicks or Probes. These two merchant categories have been combined into one because in the vast majority of cases, mechants on this page will deal in both Lockpicks and Probes, though there are a few exceptions:

The creature merchants listed on this page (all of the Dagoths and the Wraith of Sul-Senipul) will deal in Lockpicks but not Probes. And Lord Cluttermonkey will deal only in Probes and nothing else. It should be noted that every single one of these exceptions A.) is hostile to the player and will attack on sight unless Calmed, B.) does not have any items for sale, and C.) does not have any gold with which to buy things. And Lord Cluttermonkey is a test NPC that cannot be encountered without console commands. So for all practical purposes, there is no reason to keep these two categories of merchants separate.