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Brodir Grove
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Console Location Code(s)
Solstheim, Brodir Grove
Hirstaang Forest, [-23,20]
Brodir Grove

Brodir Grove is a landmark in Solstheim located on the border of the Isinfier Plains and the Hirstaang Forest.

Brodir Grove after Ulfgar joins his companions

It is a small, sheltered clearing famous for the mysterious circle of large rocks, fabled to once have been great Nordic warriors who were betrayed by a companion.

Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling is just to the north. Inside is Ulfgar, who was once the companion of the Nords now cursed to be pillars of Brodir Grove. Ulfgar slew the traitor, but was still somewhat afflicted by the spell: he is over 500 years old, and has seen all four corners of the Empire in his search for Sovngarde.

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  • This location makes an appearance in the Dragonborn expansion to Skyrim.
  • There's a valley just northeast of Brodir Grove, which includes the Tree Stone and Fjell ice caves, home to the infamous thieves' stash of Solstheim. The grove is relatively quiet with the occasional Fryse Hag or wolf prowling about.
  • Information on Sovngarde can be found in the book Sovngarde, a Reexamination.
  • There is a small chance that a Wandering Lunatic – a male level 55 Nord Barbarian – spawns north of the circle of stones and slightly east of Ulfgar the Unending's Dwelling. Between 9pm and 6 am, he turns into a Werewolf.
  • The name 'Brodir Grove' probably comes from the Icelandic word bróðir, meaning 'brother'. The letter 'ð' is often anglicised as 'd'.
  • In Skyrim, the warriors can be encountered in Sovngarde.