Blades:The Spectral Forest

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Battle enemies immune to physical damage.


Location(s): Forest
Reward(s): 0LeveledLeveledSigils, Leveled Smithing Materials, 0LeveledLeveledGold
ID: EQ01_Forest
The Spectral Forest
Beyond the strange portal outside of town lies dark and cursed woodlands, where enemies can't be harmed by physical attacks - only with fire, frost, shock, or poison will I be able to affect them.
BL-icon-Weapons.png Use weapons that deal elemental damage
BL-icon-Spell.png Cast elemental spells
BL-icon-Poisons.png Use elemental aversion potions


The village

You will arrive at the Spectral Forest on a wooden platform in the entrance area. The entire area is covered in an ashen red fog. Go through the first wooden door and you will find yourself in a forest grove with Ayleid ruins. This area is filled with several spriggans whom you will have to fight. Be careful, as they can gang up on you if you don't take them on one at a time, resulting in sequential battles. One of the spriggans is optional and guards a silver chest to the right. This area contains several piles of sticks, and you will need to smash these piles to find a key to unlock the next wooden door.

Go through the door and follow the forest path, where you will have to fight another spriggan. You will emerge into a small village which is filled with several more piles of sticks. These can contain good loot, so be sure to look around the area for all of them. One pile will be larger than the others and possesses a golden glow, so be sure to loot that one for extra items. To complete the event, you will need to approach the boss and battle through three mercenaries, one of whom will be the final boss. Killing the boss will complete the current stage of the event and allow you to progress to the next stage.