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The following are a list of the materials used in Smithing.

Name Rarity Buying Price Selling Price Description
Brass Ingot Brass Ingot Uncommon 00000231231Gold 00000165165Gold A metallic alloy typically used to temper lower-tier weapons and armor, Brass looks similar to gold... but it is, most assuredly, not.
Chaurus Chitin Chaurus Chitin Common 000019251,925Gold 0000007777Gold Sourced from the exoskeletons of giant - and terrifying - subterranean insects, Chaurus Chitin is strong, light, and perfectly suited for pieces of armor.
Daedra Heart Daedra Heart Common 000047504,750Gold 00000190190Gold The evil and otherworldly Daedra Heart is the core component of any powerful Daedric weapon or armor.
Dragon Bones Dragon Bones Common 000074757,475Gold 00000299299Gold Dragons are largely presumed to be extinct, and so an ancient Dragon Bone is highly prized for its incredible durability, which a talented craftsman can mold into power weapons and armor.
Dragon Scales Dragon Scales Common 000074757,475Gold 00000299299Gold A Dragon Scale is nearly as tough as its bones, and in the hands of a highly skilled blacksmith, can be used to create some of the finest weapons and armor in all Tamriel.
Dwarven Metal Ingot Dwarven Metal Ingot Common 00000775775Gold 0000003131Gold The secret to creating a Dwarven Ingot was lost with the sudden disappearance of the Dwemer millennia ago, but blacksmiths can still melt down and reuse the scraps that remain…
Ebony Ingot Ebony Ingot Common 000030253,025Gold 00000121121Gold The Ebony Ingot is the condensed, smith-ready version of a volcanic glass so rare and durable, some believe it to be the crystallized blood of the god Lorkhan himself.
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot Rare 0001550015,500Gold 000010231,023Gold Most gold in the Empire is minted into coins, but in the hands of a skilled blacksmith, a Gold Ingot can instead be transformed into the finest jewelry.
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Common 00000125125Gold 000000055Gold A common metal used for creating basic weapons and armor, Iron is also used in the crafting and tempering of Steel and Silver items.
Leather Leather Common (?)(?)Gold 000000088Gold Blacksmiths willing to add tanning capabilities to their smithies can utilize the resulting Leather to produce impressive light armor.
Malachite Ingot Malachite Ingot Common 000019251,925Gold 0000007777Gold When a skilled blacksmith blends Malachite with orichalcum and moonstone, the resulting Glass weapons and armor are far stronger than the name might suggest...
Moonstone Ingot Moonstone Ingot Common 000012251,225Gold 0000004949Gold Moonstone is the primary component used for crafting Elven weapons and armor.
Orichalcum Ingot Orichalcum Ingot Common 00000500500Gold 0000002020Gold Orichalcum is a cornerstone of Orcish metalwork, but the unique ore can be forged by blacksmiths of all races.
Pelt Pelt Common 00000125125Gold 000000055Gold Pelts (i.e. untanned animal hides) are typically used to create armor that offers less damage resistance than leather, but better protection against the elements.
Quicksilver Ingot Quicksilver Ingot Common 000012251,225Gold 0000004949Gold Quicksilver is prized among Blacksmiths for its use in crafting powerful arms and armor, including Elven and Daedric.
Scrib Chitin Scrib Chitin Common (?)(?)Gold 0000001313Gold Scrib Chitin comes from the shell of a scrib, the larval young of large insectoids called Kwama, which are farmed in Morrowind.
Silver Ingot Silver Ingot Common (?)(?)Gold 0000001313Gold A beautiful metal of surprising versatility, Silver is used for jewelry as well as etched or alloyed into weapons and armor.
Stalhrim Stalhrim Common 000030253,025Gold 00000121121Gold The enchanted ice known as "Stalhrim" comes from the island of Solstheim, in the Sea of Ghosts.
Steel Ingot Steel Ingot Common (?)(?)Gold 000000088Gold Steel is used in the crafting of heavy weapons and armor, but doing so requires at least one upgrade to your Smithy.
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