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Different sets of equipment are restricted until you reach a certain level. Crafting and tempering items requires both character level and smithy level. Chests will not contain items above your level. For example, at character level 12, chests may contain Silver items but not Orcish. The rarity of items relates to the temper and enchantment more than the material.

Level Smithy Heavy Material Light Material Heavy Weapon Heavy Shield Condition
1 - Watcher's*
1 1 Iron Hide 40 60 100
1 2 Steel Leather 55 90 125
8 3 Silver Chitin 70 120 150
13 4 Orcish Orcish Scaled 85 150 175
18 5 Dwarven Dwarven Mail 100 180 200
23 6 Quicksilver Elven 115 210 225
28 7 Chaurus Glass 130 240 250
33 8? Ebony Stalhrim 145? 270? 275?
39 9? Daedric Daedric Light 160? 300? 300?
45 10? Dragonplate Dragonscale 175? 330? 325?

Weapons can be light, versatile, or heavy. Weapons can do cleaving, slashing, or bashing damage. Versatile weapons can be used one handed with a shield, or do slightly more damage used two handed with no shield. Heavy weapons require both hands and cannot be used with a shield. Different creatures are vulnerable or resistant to different types of weapon damage. For each material, the damage of light and versatile weapons is relative to the damage of heavy weapons as shown in the damage row, and the block rating is relative to the heavy shield.

Light Versatile Heavy
Cleaving Hand Axe War Axe Battleaxe
Slashing Dagger Longsword Greatsword
Bashing Light Hammer Mace Warhammer
Damage 0.6 0.83 / 0.94 1.0
Speed 2.07 1.33 1.0
Condition 0.5 0.75 1.0
Block 0.15 0.35 0.45

Armor can be heavy or light. Heavy armor has a higher armor rating. Light armor offers some benefits besides armor rating, and the benefits are different for each material. For each pair of light and heavy materials, the rating of each type of armor is relative to the heavy shield as detailed in this table. The armor rating of a full suit of armor is roughly double the block rating of the shield. For example, a Silver shield has a block rating of 120. The armor, helmet, gauntlets and boots have armor rating 0.84 × 120 = 101, 0.48 × 120 = 58, and 0.34 × 120 = 41, added together 101+58+41+41 = 241, roughly double 120.

Heavy Light
Shield 1.0 0.75
Armor 0.84 0.63
Helm 0.48 0.36
Gauntlets 0.34 0.26
Boots 0.34 0.26

Each light armor type grants some benefit besides armor rating. For armor that offers resistance, shields offer improved block rating against the damage type instead of resistance.

Material Benefit of Light Armor Full suit bonus
Hide Stamina Regeneration +14
Leather Bashing and Shock Resistance +11
Chitin Magicka Regeneration and Poison Resistance +14 and +15
Orcish Scale Cleaving and Fire Resistance +17
Dwarves Mail Slashing and Frost Resistance +21
Elven Magicka Regeneration +41
Glass Stamina Regeneration and Poison Resistance +26 and +27

The following is a list of items that have been confirmed for The Elder Scrolls:Blades.

All armor and weapons up to Smithy level 7, Glass and Chaurus

  • Elven Helmet
  • Elven Shield
  • Elven War Axe
  • Hide Shield
  • Iron Sword
  • Orcish Shield
  • Steel Longsword
  • Steel Shield
  • Steel Armor
  • Steel Helmet
  • Steel Gauntlets