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Introduce yourself to your new family.
Zone: Gold Coast
Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Astara Caerellius
Location(s): Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Prerequisite Quest: Signed in Blood
Next Quest: A Lesson in Silence
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience
"We are all Brothers and Sisters, children of the Night Mother and our Dread Father. Even lone assassins need a family."
I gained access to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and met the Matron of this chapter, Astara Caerellius. She welcomed me into the family and suggested I meet the rest of my brothers and sisters in the guild.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Explore the Sanctuary and meet everyone.
  2. Pick up your first contract.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After reporting to Astara about your initiation, talk to her about your next plan of action:

"This Sanctuary shall serve as a safe haven, a place where you and your Brothers and Sisters can relax between contracts and other duties. In time, you will come to consider it your home."
My Brothers and Sisters?
"We are all Brothers and Sisters, children of the Night Mother and our Dread Father. Even lone assassins need a family.
Introduce yourself to the others. They can provide advice and information, even support for your more challenging contracts."
Will I get another contract soon?
"Eager, are you? That's good. Then go and talk to Elam Drals. He handles lesser contracts for the new initiates. Prove yourself to him and more interesting assignments will follow.
Welcome to the family."
I'll go and talk to Elam Drals.

She tells you to introduce yourself to the other members, then pick up a contract with Elam Drals.

Meeting the Others[edit]

Talk to Tanek first, as he is sitting near the central chamber's eastern outlet.

"So you're the new recruit, huh? No, don't tell me your name. I'll just call you New-blade. It's easier to remember and it's not like I'm going to know you for very long. Yes, New-blade. That's so much better."
Why don't you think I'll be around for long?
"Oh, I didn't mean to offend you. I just believe in full disclosure. We've lost an initiate and a fully trained assassin recently. Mirabelle's in denial, but I know what's happening.
Someone's hunting the Brotherhood, and you make a tempting target."
I can take care of myself.
"Sure you can. So could Durisa. She still ended up face down in an Anvil alley with her throat slit from ear to ear. Whoever murdered her has some impressive skills, I'll give them that.
Stay sharp, New-blade. We're not alone in the shadows any more."
[Remain silent.]
"Trying to pull off the spooky thing? Not bad, but your technique needs a little work. I'm sure you just need some more practice.
Anyway, stay sharp out there, New-blade. We're not the only scary things lurking in the shadows any more."

He will remark that he doesn't expect you to survive very long and thus he will be referring to you as simply "New-blade". If you converse with him further, he will mention the rules— The Five Tenets, which is located somewhere within the Sanctuary— his background, and his thoughts on the recent murders.

Kor and Hildegard are in the canteen to the east. Kor is by the cage, but Hildegard doesn't appear to be around— upon entering, you will hear a brief dialogue from the Nord.

Kor: "It's all right, little one. Just a new smell. Your new Brother or Sister must be here! Don't you want to meet them?"
Kor: "Come on now Hilde. Don't be shy …."

He will then turn to you, saying: "Sorry. She can be skittish around strangers." and then when you talk to him, he will warmly welcome you,

"New-Sister/New-Brother! Welcome! Welcome! You need anything, anything at all, you come to me, yes?"
The Matron suggested I meet the rest of the family.
"Of course! It's important to get to know everyone. You're part of the family now. And family helps each other. It's what we do."
Why do you have a werewolf in that cage?
"Oh, that's not a werewolf. Well, I guess it is. But it's also little Hildegard.
She's really sweet, but you'll need to say hello later. She still doesn't have the hang of controlling her transformations."

Upon talking to Kor, he will inform you that the werewolf in the cage is in fact Hildegard. If you choose to converse with him, Kor is very welcoming, and explains how he found Hildegard and took her in. Though he is more than happy to tell you about himself, Kor is reluctant to explain how they came to join the Brotherhood, but it is apparent he cares deeply for Hildegard and will protect her at all costs.

Mirabelle Motierre, Cimbar, and Green-Venom-Tongue are in the sleeping quarters to the north. Cimbar is not much for conversation, but Mirabelle would be willing to chat:

"So you're the new initiate. Hmm. You're certainly cuter than the last one."
The Matron suggested I introduce myself.
"And why wouldn't she, darling? I am her favorite, after all. As a matter of fact, I'm everyone's favorite. I'm sure you'll agree soon enough.
Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you. May the Night Mother forever hold you in her cold and loving embrace."

Cimbar and Mirabelle are lovers, but while Cimbar appears jealous and warns you off, Mirabelle is an outrageous flirt, thinking openly of ways to make Cimbar jealous, even suggesting she should nibble your ear. She readily explains the circumstances of her joining the Brotherhood, and answers your questions on different aspects of the Brotherhood, though she is reluctant to talk about the recent murders of Brotherhood members.

Green-Venom-Tongue constantly takes notes in his journals.

"Ah, I heard we had a new initiate on the premises! I was just checking my notes and realized that details concerning you are sorely lacking. We'll need to rectify that before too long."
The Matron suggested I introduce myself.
"She did? Interesting. I wonder what she's planning this time?
Well, I'm certain everything will become clear eventually. Even you, I suppose."
Why do they call you Green-Venom-Tongue?
"Aren't you familiar with the cherished Black Marsh custom? Consuming various venomous concoctions to bolster our natural immunity? I drank so much my tongue turned green!
Ha! The new initiates fall for that every time!"
Anyway, it's nice to meet you.
"And you, as well, Initiate. I look forward to interviewing you at length when you have some time. For my journals, of course. I keep meticulous records.
I'll help you, you'll help me ... isn't that what the Bretons call a "win-win"?

Aside from how he got his name, Green-Venom-Tongue doesn't disclose much about his past. He will, however, tell you a bit about the Shadowscales, as well as the Five Tenets, which he's written down in his personal journal. He won't show you his copy, however he will tell you about the copy lying around somewhere.

Once you've talked to the others, go to Elam Drals for your first contract, located near the sanctuary entrance to the southwest.

Getting Your Contract[edit]

Elam Drals is the overseer of mundane contracts. He has an extremely dry sense of humor and a light-hearted outlook on life. He explains his role in handing out contracts, and how successfully completing them is how to earn the trust of Astara to take on more complicated contracts.

Normally, you'd consult a specific ledger, but he mentions that he picked something special for your first.

As your ranking rises, you can take on more personal matters in the Brotherhood.


  • The Dark Brotherhood members that you are recommended to introduce yourself to won't exist in the sanctuary before starting the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Welcome Home
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Astara suggested I look around the Sanctuary and introduce myself to the rest of the guild. When I'm ready, I should talk to Elam Drals and get my first contract.
Objective: Talk to Elam Drals
Optional Step: Meet Green-Venom-Tongue
Optional Step: Meet Kor and Hildegard
Optional Step: Meet Mirabelle and Cimbar
Optional Step: Meet Tanek
Finishes quest☑ I should talk to Elam Drals about taking on my first contract.
Objective: Talk to Elam Drals
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